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Christmastime in the City

Cheesing it up

Cheesing it up

One lovely day during the Season, Mom and I traveled a great distance* into Philadephia to see the sights.

We saw:

The Holiday show in the Comcast Center lobby, which was delightful. It would also be a great place to pickpocket all of us tourists, who are staring upward with slackened jaws.

The light show at Macy’s. I try to see this every year and it always makes me smile. If you’ve never done it before, do it before the Comcast Center show, because it’s a bit lower-tech.

The tree at City Hall. It’s a quieter place to take pictures.

And the Christmas Village at LOVE park. It’s an outdoor craft fair, with dozens of stalls. And hot strudel. Oooo the strudel!

We had lunch at a local restaurant (ok, Chili’s) and coffee at a local coffee joint (fine, Starbucks) and took the train home. We had a great time and will definitely have to make this a tradition!

There was a guy there taking pics of tourist for tips. I chose to do it this way and he yelled "SELFIE SELFIE" like a moron. Sorry, dude.

There was a guy there taking pics of tourist for tips. I chose to do it this way and he yelled “SELFIE SELFIE” like a moron. Sorry, dude.

*not really. It was a 20 minute train ride.

Merry Christmas from the Dee-luxe Apartment in the Sky!

This was taped to the door of the mailroom downstairs. (language, bad spelling)

I think we are going to move soon.


Mind you, I had a fall wreath stolen off of our door last year. While we did patrol the building looking for it, wishing cancer on someone is a bit much.

Which is why we’ll hopefully be moving soon.

The ghost of #tbt yet to come

My blog’s elevator pitch: Good intentions. Lots of promise. Zero follow-through.

Yup. This is about where I'm at right now.

At least I put the hashtag ON the box, yes?

Things are chugging along. Holiday parties are being had, cards are being written, boxes are being wrapped, cookie recipes are being stared at and put away.

But someday, I’ll have decent #tbt photos! 🙂

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