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Throwback Thursday: Cube decorating

December 4, 2014

I’m going to say this was December of 2010, because I wasn’t sitting in that spot in December 2009 and I didn’t have that hair color or bangs when I started at TNP in January 2012.

I sort of like Christmas.

I sort of like Christmas.

I could have sworn I posted about the Post-it note (not a sponsor, I suck, blah blah) wreath here, but I can’t find it. We didn’t have tall cubicle walls at the C-P, so by the end of my tenure there I was staring at that bland gray wall all day. (Which I think was painted a sickly green later on, thanks GW.). To break the monotony, I made the wreath from two packs of green Post-it notes and a pack of red apple-shaped Post-its. I took about an hour. I let some of the green Post-its stick out from the wall to give the wreath extra dimension.

I and my coworkers loved it, and the managers worried that I had wasted the C-P’s office supplies to do it. Which was a joke, because the C-P stopped buying us Post-its YEARS before, and by then I was buying all of my own office supplies anyway.

If I were a better blogger, I’d do a whole photographed instructable post on how to make a Post-it wreath, but really, it’s not hard. Stick them on the wall. You can do this.

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