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A grownup Christmas list

December 3, 2014

Don’t worry, it’s not the sappy song, although we really could use some more common sense and love and a lot less knee-jerky insanity.


Hello, family! It has come to my attention that I’m difficult to shop for, even though it seems all I do all year long is point out things I like. So for your convenience, I have created a wish list on Pinterest. Click the “See on Pinterest” part at the bottom to see the whole thing.

Follow Kimberly D. Russell’s board Kim’s Wishlist on Pinterest.

If you want to donate to charity or organization in my name, that’s cool because I do have plenty of stuff already. Just make sure it’s on the up-and-up first, and neither ends up with the NRA, any political party, or an organization that limits my reproductive rights.

And nobody has to buy me Louboutins, except if I’m dying on Christmas Eve and you want to make them my Christmas Shoes. I can accept that.


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