Christmas in the cube city

December 5, 2013

My desk at TNP faces an aisle, so I get a little bit of eye-level flat area to decorate. I think I have 80% of of it covered.

Cubicle decorations

Cubicle decorations

My shopping is done with the exception of the most difficult parents to buy for, Mr. Quiet and Ms. I Only Want a Card. (note to self: buy card.) I did the majority of it online this year, a first for someone who loves going out to shop. It was partially because the Cyber Monday deals were pretty good and partly because regular department stores don’t carry cool niche products.

Cookie production starts this weekend, when I start to make dough for freezing. TNP is having a bake-off on Wednesday, so I’ll be test-driving a recipe. Perhaps I’ll avenge Poppins’ near miss of first place.

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