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Stupid beading tricks: more earrings

Inspired by Pinterest, I headed back to the bead table to crank out some earrings.

Those purple earrings broke my brain.

Those purple earrings broke my brain.

I really like orange, turquoise and brass together. The bee earrings are adorable and even though I gifted them already, I have materials to make my own pair so I jusssssssssst might do that. The purple earrings were a *#^@!! to make. I know what I wanted them to look like, and I see earrings in just that design in every store, but actually getting the crimps in the right place was an exercise in frustration. And there was a bit of blood shed. Now I have some ballin’ purple earrings to wear to work.

The other pic is of the beads that are currently on my bead board as well as the Sprite bead. Need more inspiration.

(Happy bday, BvP, wherever you are.)

Stupid beading tricks: Sprite bracelet

A few years ago at Bead Fest Philadelphia* I bought two bottle cap beads because I thought they were the most unique and happy beads ever. And they are! But I had no idea what to use them for.


I finally forced myself to use one in a bracelet. I used gray waxed Irish linen to tie two strands of green beads and one string of clear glass rounds together. I still don’t know if I like it or not.

*Bead Fest is amazing. Just amazing. I can’t wait. I don’t even take classes. I just walk up and down the rows, touching the tables and drooling.

Stupid beading tricks: Orange flower

I bought this enameled pendant from Jade Scott back in 2012, and of course all of the ideas I had for it disappeared as soon as I received it. So I saved it. And waited. And waited.

One night, the little orange seed beads in one of my bead boxes grabbed my attention. I used some antique brass half-hard wire to create a chain, and then I added the pendant. But it didn’t look right.

I let it sit some more, and realized I had teal round beads (probably dyed glass) that matched the flower petals. And this necklace was born.

necklace with Jade Scott enameled flower pendant

Necklace with Jade Scott enameled pendant

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