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Links I loved: Week of June 3

June 9, 2012

Happy Saturday! I spent this morning on my balcony drinking coffee and reading my new beading book. This afternoon we are headed to a jewelry store to get a setting for WM’s grandmother’s diamond so I can have an engagement ring before the actual wedding. I’m going to get a a simple white gold setting – I’ve never been a fan of giant pieces of fine jewelry on myself. I’d rather spend our money on other things.

Here are a few of the links I saw that week that really stood out:

Boggle is worried about you.

Can you say hero? – a 1998 article about Mr. Rogers.

Then and now at Disneyland

And every stinking thing in the new Gourmet Mickey Collection. Even though I already have much of the old blue Gourmet Mickey stuff and a full set of red Mickey Mouse dishware. But that casserole dish…gah.

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