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Stupid beading tricks: uh, another pink bracelet

May 5, 2014

Saturday night I was sipping wine and dorking around with my beads when I did a mental inventory of whom I had to “gift” with a “creation.” I know that giving away these things for free will shoot me in the foot if I ever decide to open my own internet shop, but having a list of giftees helps me to sit down more and experiment.

I sent a quick FB message to coworker K and asked her, “If you were to receive a totally free bracelet, what color would you want?” “Pink or teal!” she replied.


I don’t have a lot of teal beads (something to shop for at Bead Fest Philadelphia!) so I opted to go the pink route. The pink beads I had hanging around from April’s pink bracelet. Meaning, I didn’t put them away yet.

This time I went with wire-wrapping instead of waxed linen thread. And when I was done, I decided to add a few teal accents. I had a length of sari silk and some Swarovski crystals. The ribbon adds a touch of mixed-media that I’ve been lacking.

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