The Frazzleds at Walt Disney World

Years ago while I was still at the C-P, I sketched a self-portrait at work.

frazzled kim

The likeness is uncanny, no?

As you can see, my artistic skills are second to none. I named her Frazzled Kim and stuck her on my computer monitor. A few months later, as WM and I approached a sorely-needed Disney vacation, I created an full length sketch of her and gave her a charming and equally-frazzled partner. I pulled up a picture of Walt Disney World on my monitor, taped them to the monitor, snapped a photo to text to WM, and The Frazzleds were born.

Yes, I actually had them laminated.

Yes, I actually had them laminated.

It then became tradition that a month before a Disney Trip, I’d start photographing The Frazzleds on their trip. We went to Walt Disney World last week, so here’s a montage of this year’s Frazzleds trip.

The Frazzleds at WDW, 2014.

The Frazzleds at WDW, 2014.

Our ACTUAL trip was amazing, and I’ll be sharing some memories of that soon. For now, I’m trying to rehabilitate my feet and wondering why my MagicBand won’t work at Target.


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