Stupid beading tricks: Orange flower

I bought this enameled pendant from Jade Scott back in 2012, and of course all of the ideas I had for it disappeared as soon as I received it. So I saved it. And waited. And waited.

One night, the little orange seed beads in one of my bead boxes grabbed my attention. I used some antique brass half-hard wire to create a chain, and then I added the pendant. But it didn’t look right.

I let it sit some more, and realized I had teal round beads (probably dyed glass) that matched the flower petals. And this necklace was born.

necklace with Jade Scott enameled flower pendant

Necklace with Jade Scott enameled pendant

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  • Hi Kim,
    Do you make Stick Pins? My son is looking for one for his wedding? Let me know.
    Miss you. Love the pics with your Mom at concerts.

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