October 6, 2003

Kim’s rules for early morning walkers/joggers:

1) Realize that I envy you for your committment to fitness. Getting out in the dark of morning to engage in such a demanding physical activity is a Herculean task.

2) Remember that even at that unGodly hour, there are motorists travelling the highways and byways of our great land. Some are going to work. Others have insomnia. We’re all sleepy, because unlike you, it’s not our choice to be out before sunrise.

3) Two teeny pieces of reflective tape on the backs of your sneakers will not help me see you. All I’ll see is brief flashes of reflected light above the road. Untill I see the rest of you pass beneath a streetlight, (or God forbid beneath my tires,) I won’t realize that there is potentially 5+ feet of object above those flashes of light.
     3a) And if I’m approaching you head-on…I don’t see those teeny strips on the back of your sneakers at all.

If you choose not to wear a stitch of reflective clothing, please don’t wear all black! What are you trying to prove? That you prepaid your funeral?

5) Do consider those dorky reflective safety vests worn by construction workers, crossing guards, and me at the yard sale two weeks ago. Very lightweight, and I can see you from blocks away. I may even smile and nod a greeting at you while I drive by. How about sticking reflective tape to your shirt in a smiley-face pattern? I’d love that.

And a special shout-out to the two (occasionally three) ladies who cut through our parking lot at 5:20 am during their morning walk: Please don’t give me dirty looks for pulling into the parking lot. I work here. But thanks for wearing the dorky vests!

Wt: 143.8
Mood: Middling. Being sick is really weighing on me. Since August!
Work docket: Already did the Ingle column. We don’t have “Hot Jobs” anymore on Mondays, but I do have one “Not Job” to do. Inside joke. Two Swift ads to track down. And I’m going to try to crank out some Letters to the Editor PERL magic before the world troops in.

The Millionaire Mania contest is on, and the site was finished on deadline. Like the gold? The logo was already designed — all other graphics and coding are my own. I’m proud of it.

Lunch plans: Smart Ones barbecue chicken. Pray for me.
Afternoon/Evening: Take the Hopeslayer out for a rousing walk. Restart laundry. Clean kitchen. Vacuum. Call maintenance for broken toilet.
Days until vacation:12
The world of Max: He “Sit“s on command. Am now working on “Down” and “Omigosh stop chewing that!!

October 5, 2003 – morning

We survived the Heart Walk!

and we're off!
I figured I may as well write this tonight, since I was going to write it tonight and post it tomorrow anyway. 🙂

Firstly an apology to those who tried to donate and realized that there was a $25.00 minimum! My face is red..I had no idea you couldn’t pick a smaller amount. Sorry. 🙁

Kind thanks to Janet and Carl for their donations on Friday — we sent them in the mail to the AHA. They weren’t taking money today at the event itself. We collected over $200 for the walk…we’re extremely grateful!

So let’s talk about the walk…

I woke at 8:30ish, feeling like crap. I have a cold now. David’s had a cold. Basically, I’ve been sick since before I went to California. But I digress.

The Our Lady of Lourdes Pharmacy Team was meeting at 10:30. So naturally, we left at 9:30 for the 15 minute drive to Cooper River Park. Got there early, naturally.

Boy howdy it was cold!!! I had a long sleeved blue t-shirt beneath the grotesque red Lourdes one, and was still chilled. Luckly the red shirt was an XL and I could easily pull the sleeves over my hands.

Parked the Ion, headed toward the music and tents. Team Pharmacy wasn’t there yet, so we meandered about and saw the sights. A band was playing on stage. Each of the ‘big sponsors’ had a tent where they gave out brochures and free stuff, and hawked their wares. The busiest tent was the refreshment tent. To our dismay, they weren’t serving donuts, soda, or scrapple. We had to make do with fruit and bagels — silly heart-healthy people.

There was an ambulance on standby. Guess they heard we were coming.

We found the Lourdes group in time to hop into the group photo. Very back row. I probably wasn’t seen, since I was crouching behind the standing group…(smirk)

Finally, we caught up with Team Pharmacy. There were eight of us. We milled about and waited for the walk to begin.

And waited.

And waited.

The cheerleading squad from Paul VI High School got on stage and did an unintelligble cheer. Okaaaaaayyyyy…

Finally, a guy from Lourdes hops on stage and has us go through some deep stretching exercises to get ready. Boy, are we ready!

Then he introduces three women from Virtua’s Roher Center for HealthFitness. They strip down to tight pants and tie their sleeveless shirts up so we could see their abs. Then they perform a dance. I’m not kidding. All that was missing were poles. Um…when can we walk?

Next was a doctor thanking us for coming. You’re welcome. When can we walk?

Then someone presented somebody else with a big check. Great! Walk now?

Another woman appears on stage and invite up those who have survived struggles with heart disease. They’re all wearing red ‘survivor’ baseball caps. OK. That’s cool. Warm and fuzzy now. Can we walk?

They shoo the survivors off of the stage (slowly). Dancers come up again. Apparently, they’re aerobics teacher at the Center for HealthFitness. They lead us through a TWENTY MINUTE aerobic routine! DARNIT!! I’m HERE to WALK!!!
david and megan and the lourdes sign

(Notice it’s not the Center for Health & Fitness. Nor is it the Center for Health/Fitness. It’s just HealthFitness. Are we that lazy that we can’t even use a one-character symbol between words?)

Finally, it is time to walk! They warn us that there is going to be a starter pistol used. It made the wussiest little ‘pop’ you’d ever want to hear. We’re off!

It was so nice to see the wide variety of people walking. All ages, colors, body types. Babies in strollers. Older folk walking slowly w/canes. Dogs and pups on leashes. (Maybe next year, Max…)

A few cars beep their horns in support as they drove by. Wait! It’s the Paul VI cheerleaders! They’re leaving?!? Come on back, wimps!!!

I had never walked around Cooper River Park before. It’s quite scenic. At one point you can see the Philly skyline poking up past the trees. We kept up a very nice pace, and spent most of the time talking with Megan, who is a Pharmacy Tech at Lourdes. The sun and activity warmed us up. There were event staffers giving out free bottles of water (c/o Subway) the whole way around the track. Made me feel like a real athlete!

As we made the last turn, I was a bit concerned. Nobody really told us how long the track was, and from the numbers of t-shirted people get into their cars and leave we realized that nobody was doing a second lap. By the time we reached the start/finish line, we were quite fatigued, so we decided to call it a morning. I was hoping we walked at least a mile.

So what did our Heart Walkers do to celebrate our achievement? David, Megan, and I went to Wendy’s. Burgers, fries, cokes. Mmmmmm……..not very heart-healthy but very delicious!


October 3, 2003 – morning

Still time left to give to the Heart Walk effort. Last day I’m linking to it.

(the following was pre-written last night)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
� The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

It’s the two bold statements that cause the most conflict for me.

Poor Rush Limbaugh. And I’m being serious, too. The guy states his opinion, which is what ESPN hired him to do, and the nation beats its Politically Corrects drums and chastises him. The only part of his statement I disagree with is the part about McNabb. If he spoke about Randal Cunningham, he’d be spot-on. But nowadays there are many Black quarterbacks. McNabb isn’t special. Neither for his race nor his talent.

Now there’s the supposed drug investigation going on. You know that’s a Democratically spearheaded investigation. C’mon. You don’t even have to be a political insider to figure that out.

So my (formerly conservative-leaning, now tree-hugging liberal) paper ran with this story like an overly-enthusiastic puppy. Tripping over itself to make it bigger than it is. As per my job description, I foofed up the site. At their request, put up a poll, “Should Rush Limbaugh have resigned his ESPN job over his McNabb comments??” The “No” votes were beating the “Yes” votes by an almost 2-1 margin. Poll’s gone this morning. Replaced by the new question, “Do you believe ESPN was irresponsible for hiring Rush Limbaugh? ” which is an obvious attempt to elicit a stronger anti-Rush sentiment from the people. It’s early, but again the “No” votes are way ahead of “Yes” votes.

Rush has a right to say whatever he wants. My paper has the right to report the story, even to beat the story to death. I wonder how many quarrels has that pesky first amendment started?

(back to today…)

Wt: Don’t even start with me. I was off the healthy eating wagon more than I was on it this week.
Mood:Middling. Have a lot of work to do today.
Work Docket: Hot Properties (am coaxing ads to convert now…may need to do it the long way), finish Millionaire site (I’ll show you the link when I’m done), do some banners for a new corporate-run online contest. (Why a huge company like Gannett relies on a teeny online department in NJ — staffed today by one girl w/o an art background — to build comapany-wide creatives is beyond me)
Lunch: Will need a break out of the office, so I’ll go grab a salad.
Evening:Unsure. David’s not feeling well, so it’ll probably be a quiet night.
Weekend: Will probably take Max to Mom’s tomorrow to get him familiar w/the environment some more before vacation.

Sunday is our Heart Walk. Met our goal of $150, but I have to admit I’m disappointed. Apparently, I’m expected to buy candy and wrapping paper and frozen pizza kits and cheesecakes and magazine subscriptions from every parent with a kid in a sport (Girl Scout cookies are different…as a former Scout, I support that organization), but when I ask for tiny donations to a nationally-known and respected charity where we’re actually putting forth a physical effort to raise money, we get nothing. The largest donations we received was from two of our Asheron’s Call guildmates whom we’ve never met in person. The balance came from our families and some of David’s coworkers.
(end rant)

And a quick Friday five while my ads continue to churn:

1. What vehicle do you drive?
A 2003 Saturn Ion, black.

2. How long have you had it?
Since December or January. Broke down and bought it when my old Neon slid into a curb — HARD — and it would have cost more to fix than what the car was worth.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
I know cars have had this for years, but I adore being able to lock and unlock my car from my keychain. It’s so Jetsons!

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
The CD player skips more than it should.

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
A silver Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Heck, maybe even a silver Mercedes convertible! Though I always buy American cars, Chrysler and Mercedes are the same company now.

Back to work! BTW…I updated the non-blog parts of LadyGypsy.net yesterday. Just so you know.

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