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September 30, 2003

September 30, 2003

Only 2 days left to sponsor our Heart Walk effort.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Gypsy king’s daughter is sad child bride — stuff likes this seriously makes me sad to be ladygypsy…even if I’m not really “Roma.” 🙁

Yesterday was a bonus day. Da boss let me go home at 11:00 am, since I put in 3 hours at the yard sale on Saturday. Had lunch w/David at the Olive Garden, hit Genuardi’s, took Max for a walk. Fell asleep on the recliner at 8:00 pm…wow. I woke up at 3:15…totally refreshed!

So naturally, rather than get ready for work, I played Asheron’s Call for an hour. Got Dierdre the Pain up to level 101. And now here I am.

Mood: Pleasant
Wt: Forgot to weigh this morning.
Work docket:Learn about budgeting for the department. Try to keep from freezing to death here where the air conditioning is STILL on, even though it’s 49 degrees out.
Lunch: Frozen Chicken Piccata — which will stay frozen if the air conditioning stays on.
Afternoon: Gym workout. It’ll help me thaw. Have I mentioned the air conditioning’s on???
Evening: Unknown…probably wear something warm

Off to nuke my oatmeal and spill it all over my hands to keep me warm.

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