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September 24, 2003

September 24, 2003

Early riser
Amazing what happens when you get to bed on time, hm? I got in to work a bit early this morning, to help pay back the time that I owe for being late yesterday.

David and I will be participating in the Heart Walk on October 5 at Cooper River Park. As part of the gig, we’re soliciting donations. (you knew that was coming, right?) Here is the link for donating online. Our deadline is Thursday, October 2. Don’t worry…I’ll be reminding you daily! 🙂

While I’m at it, MUCH thanks to Lizzie’B and Navvruz from the Obsidian Knights for their generous donations!!

I’m a bit peeved…back in August I pre-ordered the Dave Matthews solo CD (“Some Devil”) from their website, whose storefront is run by MusicToday.com. I paid a pretty penny in shipping to ensure that I’d get the CD yesterday, which was the day it hit stores. Monday I received an email saying the CD was shipping by UPS “Blue” express. Mind you, I could have downloaded the entire thing three days ago, but no. I wanted to do this legally. Yesterday comes and goes, no CD. No note on the door saying UPS tried to deliver. Grrrr…

We went to the gym last night. I put in a good 30 minute workout on the elliptical machine. Plus 4 dozen stomach crunches and 10 assisted chinups. It was like a Ballys commercial — I was nice and glowing-sweaty afterward, but of course chunkier and less pretty than anyone I’ve seen in a Ballys commercial.

Last night, I watched my first episode ever of “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter.” Yeah, pretty macabre, but in my mind, having John Ritter’s last 3 episodes’ ratings go through the roof would be a fitting tribute. It was a sweet little show! Having not watched television regularly in a LONG time, I was surprised at the innuendos and words that are now allowed at 8:00 pm. Ritter’s funny, the kids are a RIOT, but I’m pretty lukewarm on Katey Segal’s character. Dunno how the show will go on without him.

Mood: Pleasant
Wt: 144.0 YEAH BABY! Go Lady! Go Lady! Go, Go, Go Lady! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! (Or as P Diddy Puffy Sean Combs says it, “birfday.” *shudder*)
Work docket: Do Online Mall, End of Month Values, Recipe updates…
Lunch Plans: Some Smart Ones pasta dish. (I added yesterday’s Caribbean Bowl to my Freezer Burn section.) I’m also still working on Perl, even though I haven’t mentioned it. I’m on the last exercise of Chapter 11, and will move past that as soon as I remember how to get information from the user into a hash.
Afternoon: Probably a doze after Max’s walk.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Early bedtime?

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