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Not as sore

September 23, 2003

Not as sore

Snoozy night last night. Yesterday afternoon, Max and I watched my Little Women DVD, with the director’s narration. (Love when Laurie and Amy hook up…that look on Jo’s face…priceless). Well, Max mostly tried to eat my popcorn. After that, I updated Freezer Burn with two more entries, plus I found the photos for Pepperoni Pizza!

Unfortunately, I woke up late today, which always throws me into a tizzy.

Mood: Happy
Wt: 145.2 Grrrrrr….fine. FINE! I’m gonna burn this fat off. You’ll see.
Work docket: Hand section updated. Static tweaked. Dateline section is now automated (we’re scripting ourselves out of jobs here). Going to work on snazzy site for upcoming contest. I have the logo, and the list of rules. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a great site….
Lunch: Smart Ones Caribbean Chicken Bowl, mon
Afternoon: Gym at 4:00. Even though I’m still minorly achy from Saturday. But I can walk with grace now, so I feel better about myself. See how serious I am about losing weight?
Evening plans: More laundry.

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