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September 22, 2003


Still hurt from Saturday’s workout.

I have to pick my stocks for the Employee Stock Market Game. Gotta get the entry in by 9:30. Each entrant picks 5 stocks, and gets an imaginary $10,000 to put into each stock. No buying/selling allowed during the (I think) 10 week period of the contest. Whoever’s portfolio does best at the end wins. I traditionally stink at this game, so I’m not putting much effort into it this year.

Mood: Happy
Wt: 145.4. WTF?!?!? Lemme get this straight…after not having dinner on Saturday night, and having only 2 apples and a half a banana for lunch yesterday, I’m UP? Excuse me here, I’ve been walking the demonic creature that I call my dog every day, rain or shine, for almost a whole lap around the apartment complex. I went to yoga on Wednesday, did a gym workout on Thursday, and did a Body Pump class on Saturday where I worked so freaking hard that my entire body STILL feels like it’s been bludgeoned with a bag of oranges and I STILL walk like I have some sort of neuromuscular disorder. And my weight is UP? Where is the Justice here??!?

Damn, I’m pissed.

Work docket: Did Ingle, and a frameset for a special section that we’re linking to. Have to pick my stocks, and work on a promotional site for a contest that Marketing’s starting. A contest for which all I have is a list of rules. No logo. No artwork. No list of sponsors. Nothing.

And I’m 145 again?!??!

Lunch plans: Lean Cuisine Herbed chicken thing.

Not that it’ll help things…I may as well eat a can of lard and a Butterfinger bar.

Afternoon plans: Stop at bank, walk the dog.

Which, apparently, gives me NO physical benefit at all.

Evening plans: Have to continue laundry. Would like to vaccuumm (sp?) the floor as well, and maybe get rid of the deadness which is my garden.

I have a fantasy football team on Smallworld.com. I sold my soul (actually, just downgraded a few players) to get Brett Favre on my team. And he sucked yesterday.

And I’m 145 again?!?!? AIEE! That’s NINE up from my lowest point.

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