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September 17, 2003

September 17, 2003

Couldn’t blog during lunch either yesterday — folks here the whole time, and I think I had 10 minutes tops to swallow my food before I was being barraged w/questions. We met with our Financial Advisor at 2:30. He spoke of W2s and W4s, but when I asked him if there was a W3, he laughed and had no idea. Apparently, he said, I’m the first person in 15 years who has asked him that question.

Quiet AC-free night. Max (the Yorkshire Terror — credit to David for that) and I sacked out on the soul-sucking nap chair and slipped into and out of slumber all night.

I think my ear infection’s coming back. Ear hurts when I swallow. Must call the doc.

Congratulations to Clark, who is now an Assistant Managing Editor. Clark, as you’ll remember, did his self portrait in blood. He’s now in charge of all artwork in the paper. Chew on that. 🙂

Mood: Happy
Weight: was 144 yesterday. Will weigh again on Friday.
Work docket: Doing online mall now, update hurricane page, hand page from yesterday, and figure out how to move recipes into a better database.
Lunch: Saladworks
Afternoon: Unknown — may have Dr. Appointment. If not, going to update LGN to get rid of gloomy 9/11 atmosphere.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30.
Non-blog-able worries: Results back tomorrow. I’m certain things will come back ok, and we’ll be able to put these worries to bed for good. Cryptic, aren’t I? 😉

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