Goodbye, January!

Today is day 15 of our “omg what is WRONG with us we need to turn this around NOW” life plan. I’m so stinking proud of us. The plan is as follows:


My exercise assistant.

  • Eat our own food. No takeout. (Wednesday dinner w/Mom is an exception, as are lunches that work buys for us, as long as I eat one serving and not three. And Fancy Coffee Friday, because that’s just yogurt, granola, and black coffee.) We make a menu on Sundays and we stick with it.
  • One cheat meal twice a month. Cheat day does not work for us, because we are Summa Cum Laude Cheat Dayers. When it comes to maximizing the amount of awful food one can intake in a single day, we excel.
  • Exercise 6 days a week. I’m not talking anything awful, just 25 minutes a go.
  • For me, no drinking in January. That was easy.

Today I prepped and roasted four pounds of chicken breasts. Most of them went to lunches, but two were reserved for tonight’s dinner. I’m using this recipe from Gimme Some Oven (I love that name!) with a rub from Penzeys and as God is my witness I will never eat dried out chicken again.


I am destined to never make it more than 25 months with the same iphone.

In 2012 I dunked my iPhone 2 into a sink, and had to buy a 4s.

In 2014, exactly 2 years to the DAY later, I dropped my 4s in the toilet. Bought an iPhone 5s.

Here in 2016, 2 years and 9 days later, my 5s decided that the external speaker was optional. No music, no ring, no text tones, no alarm. Just vibration ’til the end of days. Except, I don’t wear my phone on me, so that wouldn’t work. I spent last night wiping and resetting and trying every solution found online. Today I went to the Apple Store and got the 6s on AT&T’s 24 month payment plan. My 5s netted me a $200 gift card which I spent on the tax and … Applecare. Finally, I’m learning.

(I bought the rose gold model, and ordered this Kate Spade case.)

And today my worlds collided on Twitter:

tweet between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

tweet between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I love this life! Bring on February!


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