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Not from my Treo anymore


This car was in the parking lot of the Christmas Tree Shop in Cherry Hill. Clicking on the pic will take you to the Flickr version, which has notes showing you the antlers. Coincidentally, the ‘dress up your car’ sets were being sold inside. And no, I didn’t buy one.

But I did buy a new cellphone yesterday – the Samsung A707. It got much better reviews overall than the RAZR I was drooling over. It has a 2 megapixel camera on it, and is so light and skinny.

I did enjoy having the cellphone/pda in one unit with the Treo, but it was so darn heavy and bukly that it drove me nuts. Eventually, I’m sure smartphones will be thinner but for now I’m going back to 2 separate devices. I’m still using the Treo for my PDA usage, but I’ll be looking into getting a PDA after the holidays.

And I get the point. You don’t want to be clowns in the Macy’s parade. 😉

One man's trash is LadyGypsy's treasure

I was walking back to my apartment yesterday after checking the mail downstairs (I forgot yesterday was Sunday.) when I noticed that someone was moving out. That person was leaving a bunch of possessions at the “trash room” door.

One of which was a 7-foot tall white bookcase with adjustable shelves.



Before I could think about it, I dragged that bad boy back to my lair. It was assembled hastily, and wasn’t perfectly squared. But it almost perfectly matched my existing set. I found some brackets in my Rubbermaid container* and proceeded to screw the large case to the smaller one next to it. That strengthened and straightened it. I adjusted the shelves so that they matched the cubicals’ heights and voila! My shelving unit is now complete!

Finished Shelves

All of that extra room will now allow me to display my Walt Disney Classics Collection Beauty & the Beast items. It’s still at the house. I’ve missed it.

*I have a plastic container with various nails, screws, picture hanging gizmos, and all of the extra hardware from this stuff I’ve been putting together all summer. I get great pleasure out of looking at that container and knowing that I can nail and screw anytime I want. Bwah!

America's Saddest Christmas Tree

On Black Friday, we went to Walgreens because we saw this in the circular for $19.99. It’s a 4.5 foot prelit tree. In order to purchase it, you had to take a ticket to the register.

The cashier spoke about 50% English. (a rant for another day). She rang up the rest of my purchase, which may or may not have included padded insoles but neglected to scan the ticket. I politely pointed out to her that the ticket was for the tree I wanted. She scanned the ticket, put it in the bag and finished the transaction.


I politely explained to her that although she had to scan the ticket, someone had to get my tree. She called for the manager. Manager 1 arrived, looked at my ticket with a panicked expression, and said, “You bought a tree?”

Yes, yes I did.

Manager 2 comes out. “Is that a tree purchase?” he bellowed.
“She bought a tree!” Manager 1 replied nervously.
“I can go get the tree,” he reassured her. “What tree?”
She skittishly scanned the ticket. “M!” she yelled.

Three minutes later I was in posession of a measly 2 1/2 foot cardboard box. Inside that, America’s Saddest Christmas Tree.

America's Saddest Christmas Tree

Yes, there is ONE ornament on the tree. I feel like I should decorate it with losing lottery tickets and pictures of Jimmy Carter.

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