Black friday – morning has broken

From my Treo!

Black friday – morning has broken

We were on the road by 6am (that’s sleeping in for us!) and hit kohl’s first. Pretty disappointing…as again you only got the $10 gift card if you spent $50. The lines for the cashiers stretched around the entire store. So after waiting almost 20 minutes and moving up 2 people-lengths, we bailed. Their earlybird sales are good ’til 1pm, so no biggie. Kohl’s also had so few carts available that people were taking their stockboxes off the floor and filling them up!

Now we’re having breakfast at silver diner. Caramel apple ceeam cheese stuffed french toast…yum!


  • I think a lot of people actually LIKE the lines at these places. I think its more of the whole “atmosphere” of Black Friday as opposed to the bargains (which don’t hurt either).

    Have fun! Keep the reports coming!

  • Kohl’s was crazy, but we spent $100+ there so so the coupon and the $20 of “Kohl’s cash” made it worth the wait. Barely.

    Toys ‘R Us was worse. We bailed there.

  • I wish everyone was coming to buy RVs on Black Friday—we are dead.
    Yes–it’s a slow day here at the RV dealership.

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