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November 5, 2004

November 5, 2004

NaNoWriMo update: 4117 words written. I’m still behind the curve, but catching up. Last night’s torrential rains kept most of the NaNos away from Starbucks, but I did meet one other writer and we had a pleasant evening sipping hot drinks and tearing our hair out. The working title of my novel is Tumble Dry. No, you can’t read it yet. Or possibly ever. I wanted to write a fantasy novel, but ended up with this piece of crappy “chick lit.”

How dedicated am I to this project? I missed both Survivor and The Apprentice. I have them recorded, but I was impatient and read the results anyway. Crazy-ass Rory was the reason I watched the last few weeks, and I’ll miss his insane ploys and deranged threats.

My prediction: Scout sucked last night.

Another NaNo casualty has been City of Heroes. By the time I finish writing, I’m drained and can’t manage to play more than 30 minutes before wanting to go to bed.

I finished my budget yesterday and posted the forgotten football photos, but didn’t schedule the sales training. So I’m going in until noon and taking a “half” vacation day. I’ll get the ball rolling on training, and clean up the piles of paper left over from my budget frenzy. After that I’ll drive to Mom’s and we’ll head to Atlantic City.

No real plans for the weekend, other than take down the external Halloween decorations and pack them away.

Thor’s going to have a grand time trying to sleep this weekend. Max, the Dog of Destruction, used to sleep at my feet. Now he’s taken Thor’s side of the bed. He sleeps with his head on Thor’s pillow and his body against my teddy bear (Kronk) as if they were ‘spooning.’ It’s cute.

I tend to remember friends’ birthdays long after they’ve passed through my life. Happy birthday, Erik! Oh what the heck…maybe I’ll send an email to his last known addy…

Time to take on the day. More tomorrow! (looks at the trousers laid out for work instead of jeans and sighs)

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