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November 4, 2004

November 4, 2004

Co-worker S is on vacation. S is working the early morning shift that I used to work (and sometimes miss), so while she’s gone, I’m doing the early morning site-checking gig. And when I finish *that* — I get to do some early morning surfing. You don’t expect me to actually get out of bed earlier, do you? 🙂

Here in NJ, schools close for 2 days so that teachers can have their big annual union teacher convention in Atlantic City. A huge benefit of Mom being a teacher is that I get to participate in the debauchery.

Debauchery. Whatever. We go through the convention center and Mom gets free textbooks and pens. I score some pens for myself, and help carry stuff. Then we go to a casino, have dinner and gamble some. I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow to attend the second day with her. Maybe I’ll bring my camera.

But to do that with a clear conscience…I need to do 3 things at work. 1) schedule some training for our sales reps about a new Online product; 2) Finish my budget for the first 6 months of 2005; and 3) get some football game pictures online that have sunk to the bottom of my priority list due to the budget and the election.

NaNoWriMo Update: 2323 words. Still tracking below where I should be. To get to 50k words by 11/30, I have to be writing 1667 a day. My goal is to get ahead of the curve by this weekend so that once the holidays hit, I’ll have a cushion. Tonight I’ll be making a ‘personal appearance’ at the Starbucks in Marlton to attend a NaNoWriMo “write-in.”

Eeek! Cookie-Cam should be starting soon, too. You all know about Cookie Cam, right?

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