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New Year’s Eve 2003

Yesterday was a slight improvement — was here only until 3:30. See, I’m a firm believer in an 8 hour workday. I’ll bust my arse to get it all done by quitting time. That’s why I get grumpy if I’m here late. The grumpies came home w/me yesterday and I was grumpy to Mom on the phone. 🙁 I basically sat on my duff and let seven hours of VH1’s “I love the 70s” play in the background. 1978 was just starting when I went to bed.

You know, even though I came of age in the 80s, I think I really am a child of the unwashed 70s. Born in 72, after all.

I realized last night that the cough I had since August left me in early November. 🙂 What made me realize? The fact that I’m catching a cold. Blech. That’s ok, I planned on staying home tonight anyway.

My Christmas gift hasn’t arrived yet from Dell. It was ordered under Thor’s name, and I don’t have his password, so I can’t check the status myself. As a result, I’ve been nagging him constantly.

“Did it ship yet?”
“Did it ship yet?”
“Did it ship yet?”
“Did it ship yet?”

I know I’m driving him crazy, but if I’m sick on New Year’s Eve, it’s be super cool to have a laptop to play with.

(wonders if she could swing by CompUSA today to get a wireless router and wireless card…)

Went to BK yesterday for lunch to pick up their Santa Fe chicken baguette. Lord was it horrible. Look at the Santa Fe sandwich. The roll? Its as long as a small hot dog roll and only a bit bulkier. My veggies weren’t grilled crispy at all. They had all the life steamed out of them and lay limply beneath the chicken. And the southwest sauce was worse than No Frills picante sauce. Crap. Crap. Crap.

In nicer news, my Horizons scout Caelia hit level 9 scout last night, and is almost a level 9 jeweler. I made jewelry for two guild members last night. It’s SO cool to be able to help out!

Mood: Sedate. It’ll all get done. No need to fret. In any case, this is my last day solo. Thank GAWD.
Work docket: Finishing up online mall now. Contest #2 is 85% done. All I need to do is schedule promo ads on the site. Contest #1 is 75% done. Waiting on prize information so I can email the stuff to the rest of the group. Then I need to schedule ads. I MAY have an OC meeting today, so I’ll have to do the Hit report for last week AND this week. I’m hoping the meeting doesn’t happen. End of Month Values hits today as well.
Lunch: I brought a Smart Ones Lasagna, but there’s no guarantee I’ll eat it.
Afternoon: Who knows?
Evening: Me, Dave Matthews Band DVD, egg nog withCaptain Morgan, a destructive dog, two overweight cats and maybe a laptop?

More bloggitude later tonight, as I look back upon the changes this year has brought me.

December 30 2003

Happy 1-year Blogiversary!!

Blech. Was here at work until 4:00ish yesterday. Then food shopped. Bought a bunch of healthy foodstuffs, then had Chinese takeout for dinner. (smack head)

Mood: Frantic

Work docket: Fiscal period 12 is over!!! So the end of month is NOW! NOW! NOW! AIEEEEEEEEE! (breathes into paper bag). I also have to work on TWO contests. One has to be set today for a Friday start. The other has to be sent out to the group tomorrow for a mid-January start. That one’s just about done. I have to do my Tuesday weekly numbers (which is what I’m working on now. I run a report, blog while it runs, get the results, run anotehr report, blog while it runs…etc), End of Month Values, I have a 10:00 conference call with one of our third-party vendors, AND I promised a reader I’d find a pic of his kid and put it with the story that mentions the kid. (ALL stories can have photos…newsroom continues to upload only one or two per section total…it irks the public.) I can’t wait for Damon to get back on Friday. Damon! I miss you!! Come back!!

And it’s like this: I am the LONELIEST person in the building. I’m secreted away in this big, bright, sterile office. I’m so busy that I can’t get out and socialize. Damon and Peter are both off. So it’s me and the Dave Matthews band. I think I’m turning into a hermit. I haven’t even put makeup on in DAYS. Why bother?

Lunch: Brought a frozen meal

Afternoon: Yeah…like I EVER get out of here on time anymore. Poor Max.

Evening: Unknown. Probably sit in a corner and twitch.

No, it’s really not that bad. Days always look more overwhelming first thing in the morning.

I crafted a quickie redesign idea last night. I’m really fond of big blocks of color. Thor didn’t like it when I ran it past him, but I’ll throw it here anyway.

December 29 2003 – morning

Much fun at the Blackwell’s the Blackwells’ John and Erin’s house yesterday. Had pizza, exchanged gifts (we got a mini air hockey table, a teeny apothecary for Thor, and some Chai Latte mix for me!), and laughed a lot.

I was *going* to update last night, but to my horror I discovered that all my neato fonts were missing!! Most importantly, Bickley Script, which is what I use to craft the logo and the navigation buttons. (sigh) Once I reinstalled WorksSuite 2001 or whatever-its-called I got the fonts back. But it was too late for an update.

I’m jonesing to redesign again. This current version of LGN is over a year old, and now I want to see if I can do a site that uses mostly CSS formatting rather than tables. This is something that probably means nothing to 95% of the populace…but I think it’s pretty cool. It’s because of that darn CSS Zen Garden site. I’d try to work with their template, but they only want graphic designers to come out and play, so I’ll forge out on my own.

Tomorrow is my one-year “Blogiversary.” This is the longest that I’ve ever kept a diary.

Disney dreaming: MomJohnandI will be jetting off to WDW Friday afternoon 1/16 and coming back Monday night 1/19 for a whirlwind tour! Thor’s staying home — he couldn’t get the time off. We’ll be meeting John and Erin for breakfast Saturday Morning.

Wt: Horrors! I’m feeling rounder around the middle. Not good. Not good. Don’t want to weigh though — that’ll depress me muchly. Beets and water!
Mood: Fairly even-keeled. Much to do, and I’m still extremely anxious about this new position.
Work docket: Next week is end of month again. There’s a threatened conference call w/corporate again about a continuing Real Estate issue, and I HAVE to really get on the stick and hire someone new. I have most of the ad written, but need to know my next step. I also have to work on Ski contest stuff for the NJ group. Translation: I put the contest together and let the other 6 Gannett NJ papers know about it. Pretty cool…it’ll give me the chance to ‘debut’ statewide.
Lunch plans: Beets and water! (actually, a subway veggie delight sandwich)
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max, plus a trip to the grocery store — we are out of everything! Oh, and the dry cleaners, too.
Evening: Clean bathroom and computer desk. Continue laundry. Drop into bed.

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