Holy crap, an early blog?!

December 22, 2003

Holy crap, an early blog?!

Well, I’ve been awake for an hour and a half, and I’m already showered, so, yes, Virginia, I’m blogging early today.

“What’s new with Max?” you innocently ask? Within the past week, Max has eaten half a container of chocolate chip cookies, a third of a Boston Market family sized brownie, and chewed on a broken glass ornament he fished out of a box. His tongue sparkled like a disco ball. As I held his tongue extended from his mouth (dogs LOVE that!) and brushed the shards away I had to wonder about his common sense. I thought animals were gifted with the knowledge NOT to eat certain things. Like glass. Currently, he’s taken to carrying the gifts from under the tree away to his Evil Lair under our bed.

This week should be slow as molasses. Christmas week always is. Yes, I’d like to be at home, napping in front of the lit tree, but secretly, I enjoy working this week. Half of the employees are off, so you don’t get many in-house requests. Page views of our site drop off a bit (Most people surf the web from work still. Not many people at work = not many surfing the site) so we won’t get many emails/phone calls. Damon (my coworker, not to be confused with the tens of thousands of other Damons in the world) is off until the 30th. Clark’s been off. And I don’t have a boss, so I’m — oh wait, I am the boss now. *shudder*

This week, I’m going to slooooooooowly move into my office. It’s just so sterile and lifeless. I like being out closer to the action. But what am I going to do, NOT move in? I guess I’ll have the Boss’s old PC cleaned up and get the necessities loaded on it. Put it where I sit now and if I get lonely, I can always come out and work there. (shrug)

Last night I reinstalled Windows XP on Mom’s computer. That meant a reinstall of EVERYTHING they had on there. In the process, I fried my Palm Pilot. *sob* I grabbed mine (t’was out because I was beaming info to hers), put it in her Palm cradle and hit the HotSync button. (Why this was bad: Mom’s Palm used regular batteries. My Palm’s battery is internal and rechargable — it gets its charge from the cradle. So when I put it in her cradle and tried to HotSync, it was looking for a charge which it wasn’t getting) The screen started flickering. Realizing the booboo, I yanked it out, but now I can’t get it to power up. I’m HOPING that once I get it into my cradle at work today, it’ll come back from the dead. If not I guess I have to (sob) send it away to be repaired.

And for my uneducated Return of the King review, scroll down a smidge.

Mood: Apprehensive about the week ahead in my new job. Yeah yeah, I already said it was a slow week, but who can foretell the future?
Work docket: Unsure. All I want to do right now is go back to bed. 🙂
Lunch plans: Subway, I guess.
Afternoon: CookieCam at 4:00ish.
Evening: Wrapping up Christmas Shopping with Mom-n-John tonight at the Mall.

Now, if’n you don’t want to read my RoTK review, with spicy details, quit now and I’ll see you tomorrow.


Return of the King (Disclaimer: I have not read the books)
I’m going to probably be the first person to say it, but Return of the King was about an hour too long. Sweet merciful crap, three hours and twenty minutes of movie? That’s after 20 moments of previews and ads, and sitting in the theater for 15 minutes before that started. I was afraid we’d miss Christmas!

After an emotional roller-coaster, the big, epic battle was done. You’re on a high, thinking you’re about to have a happy scene, see the credits roll, and hit the bathroom. THEN you remember that Frodo (creepy angst-ridden bugeyed freak) and Samwise (what an apt name…he’s the brains behind their partnership) haven’t chucked the ring into Mount Doom yet. Scene switches to the hobbits, and you see Mount Doom WAYYYYYYYYYYYY in the background, and about 10,000 orcs in between ’em. I think I heard poor David whimper.

Legolas and Gimli barely got attention in this flick. The CGI was superb. The only think that looked fake was when Legolas hopped on the big elephant thing. He looked all bouncy like Hulk and Spiderman did in their CGI movies. Gandalf…wow. A mage who swings a sword as well…maybe I’ll roll “Dierdre the White” in AC and make her life/item/creature/sword trained. Hmmmmmm……

I want to name my firstborn daughter Eowyn. Besides being one of the few blondes in the movie, she’s a courageous butt-kicker. While she’s kicking orc and taking names, Arwen (elf-princess in love w/Aragorn) spends yet another movie in soft-focus, debating on whether to hop on the boat to eternal-life Elf land and spend it pining for Aragorn, or stay where she is, give up her immortality, and gamble on the slim chance that Evil will be defeated and Aragorn will ascend to the throne.

Which he does, by the way, in a very drool-worthy scene. When I realized he was finally washed and his hair was brushed, I could have cried with delight.

Merry and Pippin, the two hobbits who spent the last movie whining to trees, really come into their own this time. They take up arms ,and make us all proud. But I still can’t tell who’s who.

And when your back’s against the wall, don’t you wish you had the army of Rohan on your side. Fearless!

But all in all, this movie was captivating and clearly the best thing I’ve seen all year. I’ll probably get the trilogy DVD when it comes out. This one’s going to be a great part of movie history, people. Even if you aren’t into fantasy stuff, you should see it. Because of this movie, I’m going to read the books. And that, you naysayers in alt.tolkein, is the best thing that could possibly come out of making a movie from Tolkein’s books.

My prefered alt-ending…Arwen goes away. Aragorn and Eowyn marry and make lots of pretty human butt-kicking children together. Sam pushes Frodo (with ring) into Mount Doom and later gives Bilbo a butt-kicking for picking up the damn ring all those years ago to begin with.

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