Requiem for my Palm Pilot

December 23, 2003

Geez, I’m sleepy. I dozed off here for about 5 minutes in front of my weekly numbers report. I know it was less than 10 minutes — my screensaver didn’t come on. I think I’m going to run to Starbucks for some oomph. This checking the site every day is taking its toll on me.

First I need to put makeup on though. Had 3 people in here already and I know they’re looking at me like “Yeeesh…”

Work docket: Tuesday numbers, look up some revenue info for Marketing, update symbols of the season. Start writing up a job description for the person who dares try to fill my shoes.
Lunch: To the Cherry Hill mall for lunch and some last-minute stuff.
Afternoon plans: Dare I say, CookieCam? I’ve been horribly remiss with that.
Evening plans: Head to Mom’s to wrap David’s Christmas Gifts.

RIP: My Palm m515 (2001-2003)

My dear little electronic best friend — your cradle looks so devastatingly empty today. You are not there. I fried you.
Without complaint, you took such jumbled information as the number for the hoagie place, the passwords for my websites, and the date of my next doctor appointment and kept them organized. You held stupid content and bad eBooks and valuable spreadsheets all at the same time. You didn’t judge me for playing “Dope Wars.” You even tracked the seemingly random appearances of the vile goddess Menstrua. Your happy chirp woke me from many a nap.
And baby, when I took you to my first OC meeting last week and clicked you into your keyboard, we were the stars of the show.
Thank you for your years of service.

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