December 24 – morning

December 24, 2003

It’s another Christmas Eve. And I’m here at work which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have much cooler thing to be doing. I enjoyed the Christmas lights on all the houses on the ride in to work today. Today’s the last real day it’ll be so nice. People exist who actually toss their trees to the curb come 12/26. That amazes me.

And South Jersey is covered in teeming sheets of rain. It’s hammering loudly on the roof.

I still have to pick up Christmas Cards for the family. All that’s going to be left is Mahogany cards, I know it. Well, we’ll just have to think of all the years African-Americans had to buy cards with pasty white folk on them. The sentiment’s the same. This oversight is extremely rare for me – I usually buy family cards in October. Dunno what happened this year.

Note to PopPop…I dropped the ball with sending your card on time this year…there is no excuse other than I lost track of time. It’s a-coming…just late. And don’t be offended if there’s a dark-skinned guy on it. 🙂

And there are other things too, that I haven’t done.

I never got to shop in downtown Haddonfield during the Holiday Season.
I never got to go to Philly to see the Christmas displays and the Light show at Lord and Taylor. Well, the suits have gotten to that show and ruined it, so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get there. (Note to self: you are a ‘suit’ now. )
Didn’t make the peppermint sticks I wanted to try.

David’s on the phone — and we think my Christmas gift isn’t coming on time. No worries! I’m excited about the gifts I bought for others.

There’s no OC meeting, so I think I’ll dismiss myself at 10:30 (hey…that gives me a 5 hour out of 7.5 hour workday). Pick up a last-minute thingy at CompUSA. Grab David. Head to mall for cards, Max’s ornament, and maybe a sweet lil’ outfit for Christmas Eve. And lunch. Can’t forget lunch.

Back to the house, where I’ll whip up some pizzelles to close out CookieCam. Thank goodness…that’s been a total sophomore slump. But at least next year we’ll be in a house, and I’ll have a bigger kitchen and probably a wireless setup going by then.

Tonight is Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin Sue’s house. What started out as MomMom, her two daughters, and their two kids each has turned into a huge houseful of people. Sue does a great job doing the Seven Fishes dinner and taming the madness.

After we get home, David and I will probably open our gifts to each other before we head to bed, assisted by some eggnog with a splash of rum and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Next year, we’ll finally have a house, and I can host an ‘open house’ sometime between Christmas and New Year. I’ve always wanted to to do that. Next year I will!

Tomorrow Mom has Christmas at her house. I intend on seeing Dad before New Year’s.

All is calm. All is bright.

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