Holiday luncheon

December 20, 2003

Yesterday was my fourth holiday luncheon. For us dayside workers, this is how it works. The same catering company from last year comes and serves the same hot dishes and cold salads.The same soda selection and the same coffee. Same soulless cookies. 😉 The offical announcement that it is luncheon time comes at noon. Hurry up, though, because it’s cleaned up at 2pm, even if there is food left over. I didn’t win the Xbox that I bought 10 raffle tickets to try and win. There were other drawings at well that I didn’t win. Bah.

So today we’re hanging around the house. I’m catching up on laundry and decorating this morning, and we may go see the 2:00 show of Return of the King. (didn’t go last night). David’s going Christmas shopping (sans me) later on, so I’ll fire up the cookiecam around 7:00pm.

By the way, scroll downward and click on my story link. I want it to be in the top 30 stories for the week. OK? Good. I’d do it for you, after all. 😉

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