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Christmas 2003 recap

December 26, 2003

Christmas is a snowflake that you watch fall slowly from the sky. For what seems like forever, you squint your eyes, crane your neck skyward and follow its erratic path. And as it gets closer to you, you become excited, because SOON you’ll be able to touch it and see it’s beautiful intracacies.

Then the snowflake finally touches the palm of your fuzzy gloved hand. You hold your breath and take in as much as you can.

Within seconds, it melts.

Your neck hurts from looking up for so long. Your eyes are out of focus. Your cheeks are red from cold. And there is a wet spot on your glove.

But the snowflake is so beautiful, that although you fuss and resolve, next year you’ll be in the same spot. Eyes squinting, neck craning skyward. Just to see that snowflake again.

Needless to say, I’d rather prefer NOT to be here at work today. I have a fresh Windows XP operating system on my computer, and I *need* to customize it.

How did I do?
David bought me a much-desired laptop.
Mom got me THE MIXER that I’ve been coveting for years now. (must buy house soon — need place to showcase mixer!) Plus a neat Liz Claiborne girly-briefcase, a new ABBA CD, and other stuffs…
Dad got me much-valued gift cards to The Limited and Waldenbooks.
John got me Mario Kart for my gamecube!
My Turberville family got me the Windows XP OS, and some more crystal. Plus the Brian Setzer CD I’ve wanted, Dave Matthews Band Live in Central Park DVD (drool) and other stuffs..

So you’ll all agree that I’m truly spoiled. ‘Nuff said. (David did well too, but his privacy policy is a lot more rigid than mine…maybe someday he’ll start his own blog. He has much to share..)

I’m also going on a beet-and-water diet until at least February. I don’t even FEEL like eating anymore. That is how stuffed I am. Blech. If I want to be a Maxim girl next year, I have serious work to do.

Work: Ugh. Catch up on yesterday’s stuff. Plus do Hot Properties, update Spot News’ schedule, work on the ski contest for the NJ group. Write want ad for new online person.
Lunch: (making vomit noise) MAYBE a salad. Food is bad. Ugh. Too stuffed.
Afternoon: Finish customizing Windows XP. I’m hoping for faster performance than I had with Windows Me. Wiping out most of the stuff I had on there will help, too. Maybe go to the gym.
Evening: NO PLANS! Sacking out on the sofa in front of our pretty Christmas tree w/David and our new Pirates of the Caribbean DVD sounds good, hm?
Weekend: No plans! Maybe we’ll get together with John and Erin.

And finally, the Friday Five. (this obscenely long post, by the way, was written in parts earlier on.)

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
I guess earning the promotion, although it’s something I earned passively.

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
My failure to lose the rest of my weight. I’m bitter about getting sloppy and putting 8 lbs back on. I was in size 6 skirts at one point. I’ll get back.

3. What do you hope the new year brings?
Happiness, healthiness, and success. Esp. success in my new job. I try not to harp on it here, but I have a lot to prove. A LOT.

4. Will you be making any New Year’s resolutions? If yes, what will they be?
Always do.
• Successfully purchase and move into a house.
• I’d like to finish my years-long weight loss program once and for all. I’d like to be between 130-135 lbs.
• I’d like to write at least 2 more pieces for the Courier-Post.
• I’d like to learn MySQL and PHP.

5. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?
None as of yet. I truly, honestly, want to stay home with my animals and read a book. NYEve is for the young and/or coupled. Yes, I’m still young (eyes glower) but David’s working NYEve night, and I just — don’t want to do NYEve this year. Weird, aren’t i?

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