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Happy Birthday WM!

Happiest of birthdays to the man who makes my soul sing. My favorite person. My adventuring history teacher, best friend, and biggest dooshbag (sic, and with love) I’ve ever known.

Happy birthday, Tiger!


There were no fireworks, no scary scoreboard proposals, no ring-in-a-cupcake shenanigans.

Just a nervous stammered yes from me to a question he asked a while ago. Gunshy, I demurred for a long time.

I demurred for too long. Because life is precious, but fleeting and all-too-short.

So I’m getting back on the bicycle-built-for-two with a silent prayer that we’ll do a better job at steering around the potholes that will undoubtedly crop up.

First point of order is a ring.

The first thing people do is look for a ring, so I’ve been rotating my current collection onto my ring finger. I’ve never ever been into gigantic bling. I want something small with a white gold or silver setting. It doesn’t even have to be a diamond. And I definitely don’t want it to break the bank.

Our second task is to choose a date. We’re talking about a simple courthouse ceremony in early July, with the required WDW honeymoon afterward.

Naturally, TheKnot.com has LOTS of ideas on their second weddings board, which I would have named FrayedKnot or RetiedKnot or WhyKnot.

Finally, I have to call E! about sponsoring the whole thing. I can guarantee we’ll last longer than 72 days.

Hey, at least the pets will be legitimate now! 😉


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