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Get thee behind me, rotten week!

June 26, 2011

I’m so happy it’s Sunday because this past week was one of the worst ones I’ve had since 2006. Let’s have a crazy week in review…

1) Sunday: Father’s Day. Talk to Dad & learn that he’s having some nonbloggable (but not health) issues. Ugh.

2) Monday: Calm, which is good because I needed it for Tuesday…

3) Tuesday: More layoffs at the Courier-Post. We lost 13 that day including my manager, whose position was eliminated. This means more work for all of us. I don’t know how many times I can go through watching my friends and coworkers leave HR with teary eyes and an envelope.

Also, Tuesday was Mom’s first follow up post ankle break. She was told that the bones were healing wrong and she had to have surgery to pin it together. Plus, this resets her recuperation calendar. Grand!

4) Wednesday: Mom gets the call that her surgery will be Thursday. John* and Kristen take Mom to Jefferson in Philly for five hours of pre-admission testing.

Meanwhile, I get an email saying that I didn’t get a job I was hoping to get. I’ve been working that prospect for over 2 months. I made it through 2 interviews and didn’t get the job because I don’t know Drupal. Feh. I should really learn Drupal, I guess.

5) Thursday: Mom’s surgery. I take the day off. John and I leave her place at 5:15am and I don’t get home ’til after 8pm. Luckily, sugery goes very well and now the offending ankle is pinned and plated together. She’s back to “stay off your feet as much as you can for 2 weeks” meaning we’re all still going back and forth to make sure she’s fed and her dog is taken care of.

6) Friday: Back to work. The day is piles of crazy, because we’re all trying to adjust to being shorthanded again. It’s just a stinking sad day.

7) Saturday: WM (remember him? He’s awesome and wonderful because he’s been keeping my home fires burning and our dogs fed and happy while I’m running around like a nut. Everyone should have a WM.) and I go to the Celtic Fling at the PA Ren Faire site. We have a GREAT time until I’m felled by the Vile Goddess Menstrua. Now seriously…it’s been YEARS since I had cramps so bad that I’ve had to mention her. Plus I’m remotely trying to fix some advertising problems that I have no control over anymore.

Along the way, I gnawed off all of my fingernails, hemorrhaged cash, exceeded my text message allotment and was hit with a round of stress-induced rosacea.

But today’s a new week. Right now I’m off to Mom’s to take care of the lunch & dinner duties. Tomorrow I’ll go to work and try to juggle some more responsibilities.

*John’s week was worse than mine – he took last week off entirely to just chill at home. Worst. Vacation. Ever.

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  • Dave June 26, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Yeah, that…sucked alright. I’m still walking on eggshells at my place even though they’ve hired 3 new people. You just never know.

    Texting allotments sucks. We had a mere 200 with Verizon (before texting was the big thing) and we exceeded it regularly. We now have unlimited with Virgin Mobile for $25/mo., just limited minutes (300). Something to think about in these tight times.

    Hope it gets better. Because that’s all it CAN get, right?

  • Ani June 28, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Hope things look up soon with everything and everyone.

  • Peter Gazzard July 4, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Kim, sorry to hear of the layoffs. Good luck with everything, there’s a lot of techie jobs down here near Raleigh ( Research Triangle Park ) 😉
    I hope you’ll enjoy your Summer, we are going to the Carolina shore in four weeks for a family vacation in Topsail. It’s below the Outer Banks and above Myrtle Beach. We love it and it’s much cheaper than the Jersey shore.