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Progress report

August 2, 2007

(I’m sitting on the sofa working a crossword puzzle.)

Charlie: (softly) Mow.
Me: Oh! Hey there, Boo! (scritches his head)
Charlie: (softly) Mow.
Me: What’s up?
Charlie: (softly) Mow?
Me: (gets up, walks to kitchen) You have water.
Charlie: Mow!
Me: (noting the food dish is empty) Oh. Food.
Charlie: Mow!
Me: Well, see…I’m only giving you a certain amount of food per day, and…
Charlie: Mrow?
Me: It’s just that you’re getting…
Wandering Minstrel (from Hobbiton, aka Lord of the Rings Online on his PC) FAT??
Charlie: Mrow!
Me: You’ll get more tomorrow…you’ve eaten it all!
Charlie: MROW.
Me: Well yeah, maybe I should put this Pocky away. No more food ’til tomorrow.
Charlie: Mow. (Sulks his way to the bedroom closet, where I’m sure he probably marks the hemline of each skirt with a drop or two of cat pee)

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