There were no fireworks, no scary scoreboard proposals, no ring-in-a-cupcake shenanigans.

Just a nervous stammered yes from me to a question he asked a while ago. Gunshy, I demurred for a long time.

I demurred for too long. Because life is precious, but fleeting and all-too-short.

So I’m getting back on the bicycle-built-for-two with a silent prayer that we’ll do a better job at steering around the potholes that will undoubtedly crop up.

First point of order is a ring.

The first thing people do is look for a ring, so I’ve been rotating my current collection onto my ring finger. I’ve never ever been into gigantic bling. I want something small with a white gold or silver setting. It doesn’t even have to be a diamond. And I definitely don’t want it to break the bank.

Our second task is to choose a date. We’re talking about a simple courthouse ceremony in early July, with the required WDW honeymoon afterward.

Naturally, TheKnot.com has LOTS of ideas on their second weddings board, which I would have named FrayedKnot or RetiedKnot or WhyKnot.

Finally, I have to call E! about sponsoring the whole thing. I can guarantee we’ll last longer than 72 days.

Hey, at least the pets will be legitimate now! 😉



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