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My 2018-19 paper planner

This year has been a planner disaster. I have always been a huge fan of paper planners but I fell out of it late last year (remember there was a Big!Work!Project! that apparently scarred me for life) and once I fall out of a habit, it’s hard for me to pick it back up.

text in planner - 'the face that runs the place'

I stole “the face that runs the place’ from my boo, AJ Styles.

The big reason was that I didn’t feel like putting in the time assembling the stickers and washi tape weekly spreads that gave me great joy 2 years ago. What’s more important than having a pretty planner is using the damn planner in the first place. All I need to do is write things in it. Nothing more.

On my birthday, I bought this planner from DesignWorks Ink.

artfully curated fake blogger photo of planner

Completely natural placement of succulents and seashells

It’s vegan leather, which I didn’t intend on but am a fan of, and the front says “Slay The Day.” The weekly spreads are different than what I usually go for, but I’m interested in seeing how I’ll utilize the “goals” section. My goal-achieving could use a little sharpening.

inside spread of planner

The planner included some very understated stickers. I like the pocket on the inner back cover – it’s good to toss appointment cards and business cards into.

And it’s a nice size — light and small enough to toss into my work bag and my weekend bag.

Now let’s see if I can stick with it. 🙂

March planner spread

I’ve been dabbling with planners for the last few years, and this year I gave into the washi tape and stickers.

At first I was using the Poppin planner until they changed the format from softcover to spiral bound. Their spiral planner started coming apart in the second month of carrying it in my bag, so I switched to a planner from Paper Source. This one is spiral bound as well, but the coils and covers are much sturdier.

This was my March monthly spread and I think I went a bit overboard, but it ended up cute.


I’m going to reel it back in a bit in April, because I’m trying to walk the fine line between fun and “not embarrassed to open it up at work.”


There were no fireworks, no scary scoreboard proposals, no ring-in-a-cupcake shenanigans.

Just a nervous stammered yes from me to a question he asked a while ago. Gunshy, I demurred for a long time.

I demurred for too long. Because life is precious, but fleeting and all-too-short.

So I’m getting back on the bicycle-built-for-two with a silent prayer that we’ll do a better job at steering around the potholes that will undoubtedly crop up.

First point of order is a ring.

The first thing people do is look for a ring, so I’ve been rotating my current collection onto my ring finger. I’ve never ever been into gigantic bling. I want something small with a white gold or silver setting. It doesn’t even have to be a diamond. And I definitely don’t want it to break the bank.

Our second task is to choose a date. We’re talking about a simple courthouse ceremony in early July, with the required WDW honeymoon afterward.

Naturally, TheKnot.com has LOTS of ideas on their second weddings board, which I would have named FrayedKnot or RetiedKnot or WhyKnot.

Finally, I have to call E! about sponsoring the whole thing. I can guarantee we’ll last longer than 72 days.

Hey, at least the pets will be legitimate now! 😉


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