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TBT: Drums

Christmas, 1975 or 1976.

Mickey Mouse drums, naturally. The picture is grainy, but I found this picture on eBay so we could appreciate the art in all of its 1970s Psychedelic Funk!

I don’t remember the drum set after this day but I spent years loving the Sit-n-Spin in the corner. Plus, you HAVE to love the red sofa!

TBT: Cousins

Easter, 1979 or 1980.

Cousin P, Cousin S, and me. We are at my grandmother’s house which always looked like that. There’s a holy water receptacle by the door. I wore the yellow dress quite a few times before growing out of it — I think to a wedding and then my brother’s christening. And the bow was crocheted.

TBT: Miami Mice

My 14th birthday, in 1986.

Before you pity me for attending middle school with my JCPenney perm (and what looks to be a butterfly clip on the left side), realize that I am wearing a shirt with a print of “Miami Mice” a PHENOMENALLY witty parody of Miami Vice. Which…was a big deal in 1986. Remember?

Blow out the candles, Kim. Remember, hair grows back.

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