Throwback Thursday: Old media

Tying back to last week’s Friday 5…it’s not quite a photo, but…

photo CD

What is this old fashioned thing?

I no longer have a functioning CD reader either at home or at work so the contents of this will remain a mystery. I recognize a tiny thumbnail of me, and a tiny thumbnail of BvP. But I can’t remember what we were doing in August/September 2002. Maybe touring the Battleship NJ?

If I had only started my blog a few months earlier!


  • I used to work at a Fujifilm bulk processing lab. You know, the place where your film went when you dropped it in the little box? Yeah. There are no elves in that little box.

    Anyway, it was at the time when photo CDs were just…taking off. But along with the CD, Fujifilm had the option of having your scanned negatives uploaded to a personal album — this was years before Flickr and the like — and the server was on premises. Imagine that: no more emailing pictures to people!

    At the time, I was jealous of the storage on that thing: 4GB. Just crazy considering I carry 60GB more on my GoPro.

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