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Murphy and Ollie update

The dogs are doing well. Murphy is almost 20 lbs, thanks to a safe, cozy house and all of rocks that he eats. Seriously, we fish rocks out of his mouth every day. He’s a chewer and a barker — two traits I have NOT had in a dog in a long, long time. He can even bark with a tennis ball in his mouth. That’s impressive!

The collateral damage so far has been minimal.

Stairway standoff

He chewed some of the woodwork around the stairs and one of WM’s charger cables. We’ve learned quickly to leave NOTHING to chance.

He hasn’t lost teeth yet but he’s definitely gaining some. We’re freezing washcloths and letting him chew on those to give him some relief. And then he drags the wet washcloth across my foot and I fly into the ceiling. He chases moths.

He kind of knows how to sit on command. He sort of knows his name. As for rules, here are the big three we are focusing on:

1) When we leave, we always come back. Always. Even if it’s a few hours or a few days, we will always come back.
2) [insert item/person/Ollie here] is not for chewing.
3) Stand by the door if you need to pee or poop.

He’s a dingus, but he’s my dingus.

Ollie turns 10 this month. He’s roughhousing with Murphy just like he used to do with Max. His ears have been fine although his Horner’s Syndrome hasn’t faded like I hoped it would. (This is gross, but Murphy cleans Ollie’s ears on the regular.) Ollie’s energy levels are increasing, and he’s gained weight back. That’s not good, by the way, but I’m not going to bodyshame him. Ollie is my snugglebuddy and my happy, drooly footstool.

It is a lot of work, but it’s sure nice having two dogs again.

Circle of Life

Here I am on “puppy leave” which is actually a bunch of my vacation days that I’ve been accruing year to year. Murphy isn’t ready for workday crating (aka bathroom confinement) just yet. He’s working through some GI issues. Hopefully Friday. ACTUALLY I hope our office goes into business continuity mode on Friday, since the NFL draft has closed a bunch of streets around my office and snarled traffic. Then I’d work from home Monday as usual and start leaving him on Tuesday. We are working hard on “oh hey look we always come home no need to freak out!”

I wish I could say I’m lounging around eating bonbons, but it’s a pretty busy time at work. Therefore I’m working from home half of each day so I can call into meetings that won’t wait just because I have a puppy trying to suicide himself on my power cords. Today I’ll be online this afternoon; tomorrow I’ll work the morning. Friday? I can’t even think about it.

I forgot how much work puppies are.

Speaking of puppies, I was going through old pictures and my heart exploded in both joy and sadness at the same time.

October, 2007

Look at young, healthy Max and baby Ollie!

April, 2017

Look at old, dozy Ollie and baby Murphy!

Can you even? I can’t. I’m trying to hard not to bleed out from the thousands of tiny tooth holes punched into my arms and legs from an enthusiastic teether.

After ‘work’ I’m going to change my clothes for the first time since Monday morning and go to dinner and shopping with Mom.

Meet Murphy

This is Murphy Maximus Russell, Squire Thumpus of Angry Man Farm.

“i don’t sleep”

You can call him Murphy.

He comes to us months before we were planning to get a dog. Because we make fantastic decisions. His dubious origin story begins in Hannibal, MO. There was an evil breeder/puppy mill involved who was going to put him down because he was too old to sell. And then a rescue got him and put him on Petfinder. Which is how WM ended up driving to a Home Depot in Pottstown, PA last week to grab a 12-week-old (this is why the origin story is dubious to me) black and white Cocker Spaniel pup.

Barks loudly AND carries a big stick.

So I guess we rescued him? I don’t know anymore…the meaning of “rescue” has been diluted a bit just as “hike” now means just a stroll outdoors.

Murphy loves being outside, dragging sticks around, gnawing on fingers, and trying to eat Ollie’s face. Coincidentally, Ollie (who used to be a very good face eater) now DETESTS eating face. Murphy is also faster than Ollie at getting to a tossed ball. Ball is Ollie’s favorite pastime. And that why their relationship needs a bit of work. They’ll get there.

WM’s in the laundry room dishing up their dinner.

Murphy hates being confined. HAAATES. He will growl and holler at the gate. He vocally expresses his displeasure at being separated from the action, even if the “action” is merely one of us going to the bathroom.

Of course the middle name Maximus is for my much-missed Max, and he’s been heavy on my heart as I watch the interaction between Ollie and Murphy and remember the interaction between Max and Ollie.

This lasted 30 seconds.

It’s certainly been an eventful few days at Angry Man Farm. We are tired. But we are happy.

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