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The weekend that was a balm to my soul

March 21, 2022

It was gorgeous here in NJ this weekend. On Saturday the temp went up to the low 70s, and Sunday it was in the high 50s. SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Know that I jinx us all by typing this, because it tends to snow here at the end of March/beginning of April.

In no particular order, this weekend I:

  • changed the turn signal lightbulb in the black Jeep – thanks to YouTube for showing me how to do it on a Wrangler. Jeeps and their lightbulbs, let me tell you….
  • mounted the birdhouse I received for Christmas
  • cleaned the leaves against the fence one side of the house — it’s a chainlink fence and it’s a giant sieve for leaves
  • put on the new greenhouse cover because the old one was more packing tape patches than original plastic.
birdhouse on my tree
My first-EVER birdhouse. I can’t wait to see what moves in!
  • moved the onions to the greenhouse
  • assembled a new raised bed
  • trimmed back the giant pots of perennial herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, mint)
  • planted more garlic and some carrots
  • bought some more soil for the existing raised beds

UGH I love the beginning of spring so much. I love doing all of that mucky garden work.

And midday Saturday I said ‘eff it,’ picked up Mom, and went to Ocean City (NJ) for a few hours.

panoramic shot of the beach from the edge of ocean city, nj's music pier
From the Ocean City Music Pier. Panoramic shots are so weird and intriguing.

Salt water air makes me feel better about everything. And, I had my first slice of Manco & Manco pizza. We’re usually Prep’s pizza people but it was closed (it’s only March) so we checked out Manco & Manco and it was really good. Nice, tangy sauce and perfect crust. Even Mom’s gluten free pizza was fantastic.

We walked the boardwalk for a little bit and came home rejuvenated! This week there’s not much on the calendar except Murphy’s grooming appointment on Tuesday and … and … AND… a trip to the office on Thursday! We’re not officially going back, but I’m itchy to take a trip into the city and I’ll get to have lunch with one of my favorite coworkers.

It was a good weekend. I hope everyone else’s was great too! <3

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  • SMD March 22, 2022 at 10:05 am

    Glad you got to the shore! It is a balm. We were in Cape May much of Saturday and it was even warmer there.