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Friday 5: Take me to the old playground

March 18, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s GORGEOUS here today. The weather inched into the low 70s. I took Murphy for a walk at lunchtime, and after work I planted garlic and lettuce outside! Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. And Sunday we’re vernal equinoxing! Welcome spring, you gorgeous gorgeous girl.

giant boxes on a pallet. not pictured: Kim's simmering doubt that this will fit in the proper room and her sinking feeling that her craft room will be completely overtaken.
This is the quilt machine and I swear I have no idea how it’s supposed to fit where it’s supposed to fit.

This week’s Friday 5 theme is Take me to the old playground, which for me is right down the street from where I live. I never really made it far from the nest.

  1. When did you most recently swing on a swing?
    Mmmm…can we count amusement park giant swings? Because that would have been August of last year.
  2. On what issue have you teeter-tottered?
    Gosh, all of them? Right now I go back and forth on police funding. I believe we need a police force. I do not believe they should be outfitted with military-style equipment. I believe some of the money we spend outfitting police with military-style equipment could better be spent on social services that may get people to a better point where they don’t *have* to steal baby formula. I’m not so much “defund” as “rethink.”
  3. How close is your residence to a park, and when did you last visit?
    There is a little playground up the street and although I drive by it every day I haven’t been there in over 2 years.
  4. How capable are you with a charcoal grill?
    Not capable at all with charcoal. Barely capable with a gas grill. Every year I tell you all I’m going to grill more this season, every year I am afraid to light the gas grill.
  5. With what are you playing hide-and-seek?
    I had four chapsticks kept in very logical places. Purse, desk, nightstand, living room end table. I tossed the living room one after I was sick last week. Since then, I have been moving them around (brought the desk one to the living room, the purse one to the desk, the bedroom one to the purse, the living room upstairs etc etc) and now by some law of physics, there is never one where I am sitting. The solution is to buy a new chapstick this weekend.

The weekend! Back in November my MIL ordered a quilt machine. I am not a quilter so I’m not exactly sure what it does, but it seems to be a computerized sewing machine on rails mounted to a large table. It arrived in nine (!) boxes on Tuesday, and tomorrow two people are coming to assemble it in her room. They’re arriving between 8 and 9 so I have to make sure I’m up earlier than usual so I’m not padding around in my jammies while these folks are here. I am going to build my new raised garden bed this weekend, and also buy some more potting soil and fertilizer.

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  • Susie Arnold March 19, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    I am so against defunding the police (we don’t live in a society that doesn’t need them) but I think you’re right about rethinking how things are handled.

    • Kimberly March 20, 2022 at 3:17 pm

      Right? I think a lot of issues can be drawn in black and white, but this one is a lot more gray.

  • Kwizgiver March 21, 2022 at 3:35 pm

    I like “rethinking” instead of defunding.

    And I can relate to the Great Chapstick Shuffle!