Return of the Murph

March 23, 2022

Young Murphy suffered an ACL injury around the time that Ollie died last summer. (August 2021 was something.) The veterinarian decided that since it was only partially torn, if we kept him calm (ha!) for a few months (what?) and kept him low activity until spring (um?) it would fully recover.

murphy and his upstairs bed
‘u finally awake? I’m bored.’

And you know what? It did. He limped until he didn’t. His knee cracked all of the time until it stopped cracking. And now it’s March and he is back to full zoom potential.

murphy keeping me company while I assemble a raised bed
‘this is boring’

He and I have been taking daily walks again mostly for the benefit of my own sedentary behind. He’s excited for the first 5 minutes of the walk, and the last 5 minutes of the walk, but other than that he’s content with zooming around the yard. He’s definitely the only dog I’ve had who’s apathetic about walks.

murphy. walking
‘this is boring too’

We have him on a hip and joint supplement as well to make sure he stays in working order. It has glucosamine, condroitin, turmeric, and fish oil and I hope this will help stave off the arthritis that might occur because of the injury.

But he’s a great dog, loud as an airhorn and soft as a Gund. Not the Best Boy, but the Goodest Boy.

Murphy immodestly on his back
‘draw me like one of ur french girls’

And I love him.

Post title inspired by Return of the Mack.

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  • Rebecca Jo March 24, 2022 at 9:56 am

    Ahhh – baby!!! My MIL’s dog tore his ACL & he limps so bad. Breaks my heart. She’s on the fence on getting surgery for him or waiting to see how he heals.