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Benign results and a slightly torn ACL

August 6, 2021

What are, “answers to things that Kim has going on?”

Tuesday’s biopsies went better than I could have imagined. I felt no pain during the procedure, and just pinchiness and bruising in the following days. The doctor decided to biopsy 2 spots instead of 3 and today I received the call that everything was good and that I’ll have to go back in 6 months for a followup. Excellent, excellent, excellent. The incisions are tiny and healing and I am so &@#%! relieved. Which means we can shift our attention to…

Murphy’s injury, which on Wednesday was confirmed by an xray as a slightly torn ACL. Boo. Because Murphy is athletic, in good shape, (descriptors I’ve never heard before about any of my pets) and young the doctor thinks it’ll heal with medicines and four weeks of rest. No backyard zooms. Short walks. Avoid stairs. (She types from her split level home.) He’s on a pain medicine, an anti-inflammatory medicine, and an anti-anxiety med to keep him calm and not as prone to zooms. We’re gating him downstairs and carrying him up to bed.

murphy wearing a Detroit Tigers hat for no reason
He’s on the good meds.

Quote from doctor: “When you said you recently lost your other dog, I didn’t think you meant this Monday.”

Molly the Jeep had her gas cap, monitor, and fuel filler neck replaced. And a nail pulled out of her rear tire. Because that’s how I roll. Over nails.

Even though I was grieving Ollie and worried about Murphy and myself, I managed to have a good time at HersheyPark. I’ll probably catch Covid Delta Plus Double Ungood from the unwashed Antiva masses but I’m vaccinated so I accept the risk.

HersheyPark’s Ferris Wheel

My MIL’s house went up for sale today. She’ll take what is currently our guest room, and we’re looking into building a murphy bed in the craft room for guests. Like I said earlier in the week, there’s a lot of moving parts, but it’s all good.

A few hours after I received the call that my biopsies were benign, I received the call that Ollies ashes were available to be picked up. I miss him so much. I miss hearing his snores and snuffles. I hate seeing his empty bed upstairs and I equally hate the idea of getting rid of it. It hurts.

And that, my friends, was my amazing ‘staycation’ week. WM and I are emotionally and physically exhausted. We went out to eat for lunch and I am done for the rest of the night.

Left: Strawberry pineapple margarita. Right: Coconut margarita.

I missed the Currently linkup this week and a few Friday fives along the way, but I’ll be back to a regular blogging schedule next week.

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  • scrivener August 6, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    Good to hear. Have some ice cream.

  • Johnny Wallflower August 13, 2021 at 12:06 pm

    Yay! Seconding the ice cream recommendation.

  • SMD August 24, 2021 at 12:57 pm

    What a time. What a lot.
    I’m glad to hear of your good results and hope Murphy’s mending is amenable to all.

    If I can do anything for you, you know I’m not far.