July Extras

August 1, 2021


Ooof oof oof there is so much of everything going on.

> My left boob and the impending biopsies. Benign x 3? Doom x 3? A mix of benign and doom? Who knows? And I have days and days and days left until I get an answer. Thank you, all, for the sweet comments and emails. You’re all tops. I really hope the local anesthesia works.
> The results will likely come while I’m at HersheyPark with the family. It’s a trip that’s been planned for months, so I’m going to take a bunch of tylenol, tape myself up, and have a good time. Or just a time. A chocolate-covered time.
> Murphy re-hurt his left leg. He has a vet appointment Wednesday and we will not cancel it even if he’s better. Which is what we did a few weeks ago.
> Ollie is oscillating between “all good” and “on his last legs.” It’s wild and sad. He’s fine though. No pain or stress. He’s just sleeping a lot and sort of out of it. He wakes up for meals, both his and ours.
> My MIL is going to move in with us in a few months. This is a good thing and I am 100% on board with it, but there will be a lot of moving parts to make this happen smoothly. WM is flying out there later this month to start getting things sorted out.
> Molly’s “Check Engine” light suddenly appeared on Friday after I filled her with gas. I’m hoping it’s just a bad gas cap sensor, but either way she’s at the shop waiting for it to open tomorrow morning.

It’s a lot. But what can we do but move forward, attending appointments, paying bills, stress eating, and hoping for the best?

Here are some thoughts and photos from July that were a little thin for their own posts.

What does the best husband in the world do when you’re feeling blue and don’t know when you’ll ever get to WDW again because the world is conspiring against you? Make you a Mickey-themed pasta dish.

A serving (okay many servings) of spaghetti with two garlic bread rounds positioned above it, making a mickey mouse shape.
It was terrifically good.

Olympian Athing Mu of Trenton, NJ is one of WM’s former students! She’s running in the women’s 800m final and is a favorite to win the gold. She is only 6 months older than my blog, by the way.

We’re not as into the Olympics this year as we would be. I think the empty arenas, the stupidity of having them during a global pandemic, and the time difference have killed our enthusiasm.

I went back to the office twice in July. It felt really good to be back. This upcoming week I’m burning off some more PTO. Which is fantastic because God knows I’m NOT in a good headspace right now.

an oncoming PATCO train
My train! I missed you!

Friday Mom and I went to the Ocean City boardwalk to hang out and enjoy the salty air.

the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk

I made pickled jalapenos from some of our pepper harvest. We use this recipe and it’s so good.

a jar of pickled jalapeno pepper slices
The perfect amount of heat for us.

I upgraded our xfinity internet service and traded in our old router for new one. I also bought this silly and gorgeous Sesame Street yip-yip alien shirt. Maybe it’ll make the waning days of summer better.

a teeshirt with the sesame street yip yip aliens on it.
yiiiiiiiiiiiip yip yip uhhuh uh huh

I have rediscovered how tasty (and easy) homemade Rice Krispie Treats are. The back of the box shows options with frosting and shapes and Froot Loop accents but I promise you the classic recipe cut into squares will bring the house down.

And my NYT crossword puzzle streak is at 224!

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