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Friday Five: Accessories

February 21, 2014

Happy Friday!

William Pepper statue

This is Dr. William Pepper, founder of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Yes, Dr. Pepper!

The snow is melting! The temperature made it into the 50s today, which allowed me to finally walk to the library at lunch to renew my card. I really need to go there once a week. I also need to not wear the boots I wore today, because they were very loud. But now that my card’s renewed, I can go back online and put some eBooks on hold. Living in the future is pretty sweet.

Time for the Friday Five! This week’s theme is Accessories

1. What was the last computer accessory you acquired?

An adorable Kate Spade case for my phone. I love Kate Spade. I don’t love Kate Spade’s prices. And if the Apple store was going to charge me $39 for a plain case, may as well spend 95 cents more and get a jazzy one! (I just noticed the cases are all on sale. Gr.)

2. What was the last clothing accessory you acquired?
This is super boring, but I’m in the process of replacing my crappy cheap acrylic socks with nicer ones made of wool, cotton, and bamboo. I’ve always been happy with the products and services at Sock Dreams. The socks are a little pricier than the cheap Target/Walmart stuff I’ve been wearing, but I consider it my penance to my feet after years of wearing amazing and damaging heels. 🙂

3. What was the last auto accessory you acquired?
Replacement windshield wiper blades in the fall. Not sexy, but it’s nice to be able to see in the rain.

4. What was the last accessory you acquired for one of your hobbies?
Ehhhh. It’s not so much an accessory, but I did order new earring wires. I have many beads but not as many findings!

5. What was the last hair accessory you acquired?
I bought some elastic headbands that look like they are made of bra strap material. I’ve always loved headbands, but lately when I wear the hard plastic ones I get pain behind my ears. And not even where the ends of the headband lay. I guess my head is too fat? Or too old? Whatever. So now it’s fabric headbands for me.

I AM SO GLAD IT’S THE WEEKEND. I haven’t worked a steady week in a while thanks to scheduled days off and snowdays. The lack of schedule is wreaking havoc with my brain. The more time I have off, the more time I *want* off. And that’s no way to be thinking when 1) you love your job and 2) you’ll probably have to work until the day you die.

I have some laundry going downstairs. We are currently in a DEFCON 2 laundry situation. (DIRTCON 2?) I’m not washing socks and underthings in the sink yet, but we’re getting dangerously close. Granted, it’s not a great way to spend a Friday night, but I have comfy clothes on, a warm cup of coffee in my hand, and two slightly stinky dogs snuggled up to me. (The cat’s over me. He has claimed WM as his “person.” If he does hang with me, it’s only because WM is grading. And even then he makes it VERY obvious I’m his second choice.) Life is good, friends, even if I am sitting on your third-to-last pair of clean underwear.

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