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Friday Five: In Retrospect

June 7, 2013

Oof, this week was a tough one. We’re starting up our Summer Fridays schedule. We bank 7 extra hours over 2 weeks, and get every other Friday ofF. Sweeeet deal, but I’ve been starting an hour earlier each day to bank my hours, and sheesh. I miss that hour in the mornings. My first Friday off is next week. It’s pretty sad when my first thought is: “Ah! I should schedule a dentist appointment or my mammography for that day!” Oh, adulthood, you are twisted and unfair.
I removed my BlogHer ad from the sidebar. It was a lovely service, but I just didn’t receive enough traffic to get more than $25 every few years. I have more to say about blogging as a movement/business, but it’s in a giant ranty draft at the moment.

It’s Friday Five time! This week’s topic is “In Retrospect”….

1) What seemed like a good fashion choice once upon a time but now seems kind of dumb?

Low-waist jeans. I’ve always like the look of them, but they were so uncomfortable to wear because my lower back always felt exposed. I’m enjoying the quiet return of higher-waisted pants.

2) If you knew then what you know now, what might you not have put in your mouth?

Foie gras. I had it once years ago at a fancy restaurant before I knew what it was. It tasted amazing, like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Now that I know what it is and the shit-tasticly cruel tactics involved, I’m repulsed by it and wish I had never had it. Repulsed!

And you’re all like, “Well, let me tell you about factory farming, Miss Steak-and-Egger!” I know. I KNOW! But the “manufacturing” of foie gras is pretty damn savage in its own right, and I can NOT eat foie gras much easier than I can vet the integrity of the meat I eat. Baby steps.

3) Now that he or she has been a great friend for a while, your initial uncertainty about whom seems silly?

Oooo. I wish I could answer this. But if I’m uncertain about someone I usually don’t become friends with them. Plus, I’m intrinsically an awful friend because I rarely want to go out and I hate the phone. But that is a topic for my private journal. 🙂

4) Somebody should have warned you never to go where?

To the Candy Crush Saga Facebook app page. So I’m telling you – that game is addictive and if you don’t buy any powerups you are stuck on boards for weeks. And then you have to beg your friends for tickets to get to each stage.

5) Who now seems to have been right whenever you were wrong?

Whoever I’m arguing with at the time.

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  • Dave June 7, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    I’m pleased to say I kicked the Candy Crush Saga habit cold-turkey. I still, as you know, grant requests from everybody but no longer play. I just get a kick listening to Ann mumble when she’s playing 🙂

    • Kimberly June 12, 2013 at 8:07 am

      Yeah I may have sent you a request or two. (sheepish!)