Wednesday Potpourri

June 12, 2013

The unthinkable happened: the Jeep is in the shop (finally getting air conditioning, woo) and the shuttle from the Dee-luxe apartment in the sky to the train station wasn’t running. WM dropped me off at the train on his way to work, which meant I landed in Philadelphia pretty early. As I walked from the station to work with my new tote bag, sunglasses & snappy black blazer I was the epitome of City Girl in the City. I ruined that whole image by stopping to take photos. Like this one!

A *real* blogger would have photoshopped out the traffic signals and blown the levels out.

A *real* blogger would have photoshopped out the traffic signals and blown the levels out. And held the phone straighter so it’s not the Leaning Tower of Penn.

It’s also why I’m here blogging at ten-til-eight.

Now that the weather’s warmed up to my beloved swamp-like conditions I walk the mile from and to the train station each morning from my office building. (Weather permitting. I don’t care that much about fitness to walk in the rain.) It’s a little more than a mile each way, and only takes about 5 minutes longer than taking the shuttle. And with the whizzing cars, rickety scaffolding and mystery puddles, every walk is an adventure!

The scale finally moved downward today after 2+ weeks of not moving at all. We purchased a new scale 2+ weeks ago because the old one was acting flaky. To my dismay, I was actually 4 pounds heavier than I thought, which wreaked havoc on my motivation. (I’m not blogging my weight…that’s in the realm of younger, loose-lipped bloggers) So the diet’s going well, except I’m either “very hungry” or “still hungry” all the time.

In the nick of time (eyeroll) Dunkin Donuts introduced the Hot Chocolate Coolata, which … if it’s anything like the Frozen Hot Chocolate drink from two summers ago, I am going to be in a very bad place. I slammed those drinks down like nobody’s business. The small Hot Chocolate Coolata is 410 calories, which is more than I have for breakfast.

There is a Dunkin Donuts in this very building where I work. Eeep.

Finally, this morning I suffered the indignity of using Christmas forever stamps on both a Father’s Day card and a wedding card this morning. Ho ho ho, people!


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