Stupid Beading Tricks: Organization

I have a lot of beading supplies these days. Enough to fill a plastic four drawer unit that sits next to my desk. But that’s not always practical when I’m working on one or two projects. I’m too lazy to put everything away and pull it all back out.

So what I’ve been doing is saving Tazo tea tins and using them to hold all of the beads, wire, and findings I need for each project.

The tins are even big enough to hold my wire cutters and pliers if I decide to take my projects with me. To keep them organized as I collect more tins, I just tape the name of the project on the outside.

Here is a sampling of my craftiness. It’s neat to see the evolution through the years. Now all I need to do is bring some to work with me and open the darn Etsy shop already!!!


  • That’s a great idea,and an awesome use for the tazo cans, i always feel bad for throwing them out or just leaving them sit there

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