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Closet – before and after

I have glorious closet here in the House on Literary Lane that I swore I could never fill in a million years.

(laugh track)

I gave it a good re-organizing the other day and for those of you who enjoy this kind of thing, here are the before and after shots.





There is a topmost shelf you can’t see, it holds Christmas cookie tins and other seasonal cookie paraphernalia.
The topmost shelf you DO see is for paper plates and cups. We don’t entertain much, but WM’s school always plans events and makes the teachers bring in supplies.
The next shelf is cleaning supplies.
The next shelf is lightbulbs (every freaking fixture in here requires different bulbs), candles, and extra toiletries. We have a crapton of candles from that summer when the power went out every night in our Dee-Luxe Apartment in the Sky. I refuse to throw them out.
The next shelf is coffee, pans, and dishes that we use regularly. Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse chip and dip bowl. And McCafe coffee is amazing.
And the floor is for appliances we don’t use every day, and boxes of trash bags.

PS: Happy Birthday, Dad!

March planner pages

I’m still at it with my paper planners. I ordered from Paper Source again, but this time I got the 12 month one instead of the 18 month one. Strictly because it’s lighter to carry around with me. It was the same price though. Psht.

March, 2017

I try not to get carried away so that I don’t look like I’m 12 years old when I pull it out in front of somebody. I use a bit of washi tape on the monthly spreads for decoration and to mark off vacation. Here I used some beach washi I bought off of Etsy to mark the original amount of time I planned to be in Florida.

And this is what one of the weekly spreads look like. Again, I try to go minimal with washi tape and maybe a sticker or two.

A typical March week. Work events and tasks go in my work planner.

At work, I’ve been using a Moleskine as a bullet journal since June. I stick almost exclusively with the original Bullet Journal technique. Honestly, I feel like I am much more productive then I was with the old to-do list system I used for years.

My monthly spreads in my work bullet journal

I started the Moleskine on June 1 and it looks like I might get the full 12 months out of it before I need to buy a new one.

I’ve been awake since 3am. I think I bruised a rib doing yard work last week, and re-aggravated it doing yard work yesterday. (No, I don’t learn, but my lawn looks much nicer with the 4 pounds of dandelions gone from it.) I’ve been trying to sleep on my back but rolled over on my side last night and woke right the heck up. Thankfully it’s Monday so I’m working from home. But first, an early morning mammogram appointment. #middleagedblogging

On organization

Happy New Year!

My New Year Resolution list is short, since I usually fail anyway:

1) To be a more active in-person friend. I love my home and my routine, and as I get older I’m more and more reluctant to go out. But I miss my friends.

2) Learn to juggle. A carryover from 2013.

3) Bring my body up to code. Keep regular dental appointments, eat better, move more.

4) Stay organized.

I’m doing MUCH better with organization. For example, I pulled open my top desk drawer last month to look for rubber bands. It looked like this:

A lovely sight!

A lovely sight!

One of my coworkers said “Oh my gosh that drawer is so organized!”

I had to laugh. It’s VERY organized. My desk at work is super organized (and I’d almost say optimized) so I can bang out the work. It might look jumbly, but that’s mostly because of my carnival of stuff on the cube walls.

So I ended up explaining my complicated relationship with organization, which is took me many years to perfect.

I’m a lazy person. I hate cleaning. I hate tidying. Left to my own devices, I’m sloppy and disorganized and forgetful.

Because I am so disorganized by nature, I NEED to be extremely organized or else within 2 weeks I’d look like I’d belong on the cubicle version of Hoarders. This is true at home, too. The Unf*ck your Habitat tumblr and app has been a great help to me; teaching me to break down housework tasks into 20 minute chunks. Cleaning up as I go helped me during the big cookie crush of 2013. It took me 10 years to figure that one out.

By the way, if you’re on a job interview and get asked your greatest weakness and your greatest strength, this is my (true!) answer that you may steal and use. This interview answer is gold.

“I’d say that organization is both greatest strength AND my greatest weakness. To put it another way, BECAUSE I’m naturally a little disorganized, I work twice as hard to become organized as I can. I keep lists, I make reminders, I develop a clear and efficient file structure, both on my computer and with actual folders for printed items. I know firsthand that clutter causes problems in the workplace.”

If I still cared about ad revenue and building an audience, I’d say “How are you staying organized in 2014? Share your tips below!” Instead, I’ll wish you luck on your New Year Resolutions. 🙂

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