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2011 calendar roundup

January 20, 2011

I feel most miserly in the early parts of January, when I buy my calendars* for half price. But I’m a happy miser because I LOVE the calendar ritual. Want proof? See my 2010 and 2009 posts.

After two years of Cute Overload calendars, I am officially burned out on cute animal photos. And that’s a sad sad thing. You could show me a picture of a wee baby bunny munching on a buttercup while wearing a sailor hat and I’d say, “meh.” That’s not good. I have to recharge.

The Urban Dictionary calendar I had last year was great fun and I would have bought it again, but I couldn’t find it at the mall’s calendar kiosk. So in addition to my beloved Page-a-Day notepad and a monthly desktop wallpaper from Smashing Magazine, I added this calendar to my workplace desk:

True or False for our jaded society.

WM and I are keeping track of how well we do. So far he has more correct.

At home, we’re using the World of Warcraft Trivia Calendar and a Mickey Mouse wall calendar in the kitchen.

Even with all of this, if you ask me what today’s date is, I will still hem and haw. But at least I’ll be able to tell you about Johnny Carson’s joke that caused a toilet paper panic!

*And Christmas cards. And Christmas wrapping paper.

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