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January 25, 2011

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Do you know what happens when you initially order the Comcast Triple Play? Your 2 years go by, then the price goes up. They’ll offer you some premium channels for free to keep you on at the higher price. Then another 2 years go by and those discounts expire.

Then you end up paying Comcast $238 a month.


WM and I talked often about cutting the cable and just sticking with Internet. We’ve examined our options, but concluded that we’re not ready yet. But we were ready to save some serious cash.

So today we cancelled the landline that we literally don’t use — we haven’t had the phone plugged in for 3 years. We also downgraded to the “Digital Starter” package which gives us all of the channels we watch except for HBO and all of the stupid music channels I got used to.

You know it’s bad when the Comcast representative says, “Yeah…that’s a pretty high bill.”

And in February, our cable bill will drop from $238 to $143. It’s still REALLY hefty, but we’re going to roll that extra $100 toward our lowest credit card bill each month.

Our income tax refunds will go toward creating a $1000 emergency fund.

Can you guess what book I’ve been reading? 🙂

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  • Dave January 26, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Wow, that’s pretty steep. We have Verizon FiOS with Internet, landline, and one HD box and are paying $120/mo. No extra channels–Netflix handles the “extra” stuff.

    Part of what we did was cancel our Verizon cell plan ($100/mo. for 2 lines) for Virgin Mobile ($50/mo. for same). We never used all of Verizon’s minutes and rarely meet our quota with Virgin Mobile so it’s a total win for us–and unlimited everything rocks. I’m so sure we’re keeping it that I’m buying my Android phone next week 🙂

  • Brian Z. January 28, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Hey, good for you guys! When Dave had his show on FBN, I did it a few times and got a copy of that book from the producers – M and I have been fans for a long time. *NOT* that we’ve achieved financial peace ourselves yet… damn self-discipline… 😉