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C'mon, Friday…

February 17, 2011


Sheesh. Work is not just grinding me up these days, it’s rolling me into dozens of tiny meatballs. There’s a BIG HUGE TRAINING going on for the BIG NEW THING that we’re doing. And that’s grand. Except I’m drowning in everything else that has to get done and that nobody else can do. I came home last night with every intent on hunkering down for a few hours and catching up, but ended up zoned out in my computer chair for an hour while my World of Warcraft* character berated me for being boring. And my poor Farmville farm! I plowed away all the withered crops the other day and now it lies fallow.

The sales portion of the BIG HUGE TRAINING is at a local hotel’s ballroom which has been decorated in various shades of purple and peppered with balloons. Our tech training is in the C-P’s highly air-conditioned and very gray conference room. For the joint sessions, we have to drive to the hotel and then drive back when we have to break off again. Very Upstairs, Downstairs, no?

So I have to be at Panera Bread at 8am to pick up the breakfast I ordered for our in-house training group. (I did Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday & feel guilty feeding us donuts 2 days in a row.I also still have the corporate card from when I was a manager.) Then I have to get the conference room open and set up for our 8:30 session.

Now I have to go don my purple (I even bought 2 purple hair extensions for the training — the only thing good about getting older is being able to embrace my eccentricities), put on a happy face and get the party started.

* Oh! By the way, I moved our World of Warcraft blog from the C-P’s server to I wanted more control over how it looked. I also will be redesigning this site in the next few months. I’m so tired of dozy girl in the header. I’m more tired of how the lines of text next to a right-aligned photo smoosh together. My CSS is a mess from constant patching up through the years, so a fresh slate will be fantastic for all of us. But mostly me. 😉

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