Saturday in Pictures – 2


We have new neighbors in our backyard. They have built a home which is suspended from the underside of our picnic table umbrella. Because this is a great place to raise kids, it looks to me like they’re about bring about 10 of them into the world soon enough.

Unfortunately for the bees, we here at Chez LadyGypsy aren’t feeling very neighborly. We’re going to run them out of the neighborhood.

But sheesh….how do we do this without receiving ample amounts of pain? Google will know…Google knows all…

edited to add: Okay. They’re paper wasps. I feel *much* better.


  • Augh! Ick! Hates! I hates wasps. & bees. & things that go buzz and make you go ow. (Eric’s got a big ol’ nest in the lid of his old, disused gas grill. I’m scared of his backyard now.)

    Kill them to death. A lot. Please?

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