Happy Birthday Baron vonPlaque!

da baronYes, kids, it’s my long suffering and (somewhat) anonymous husband’s birthday!!

Another birthday, another Betty Crocker chocolate cake, and another year of my annoyances. Happy birthday, dear heart, and thank you for being you.

(birthday wishes for BvP below, please…)


  • Baron vonPlaque. From behind the walls of his stronghold he exerts his influence over the countryside, and all the little people cower in fear….

    er… uh, dance for joy, on the Baron’s birthday. Yup, that’s what we’re doing. Dancing in honor of the day. (Keep dancing, you lot, or who knows what he’ll do?!?) And, uh, singing too. Happy birthday to youuuuuu…

    Happy B-day, BvP! I raise a glass in the ol’ CoolBar to ya!

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