Saturday in Pictures

July 23, 2005

From the PhoneCam!

Mom’s away for the night and John is working until 6:30ish, so I volunteered to swing by the house (where I am now) and check in on Lucky.

Lucky’s 14 and is slowly shuffling her way toward the end of her life with us. After hitting the fridge for some Mountain Dew (my God…mothers have such full fridges!) I escorted her to the yard to do her business. She is very slow and unsure on her feet. Sometimes she falls…but she hasn’t today. Her eyes are dull. I’ve been here for almost an hour now watching her sleep. I can’t bring myself to leave.

On the day we brought her home back in 1991, we confined her to the kitchen overnight. She cried so much, I ended up taking her out and sleeping with her. Me on the sofa, Lucky on my chest. She was tiny — maybe 12″ long lengthwise. She had stinky puppy breath.

Now she has stinky old-dog breath. Fourteen years later, I’m the one crying while she sleeps.

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  • Mel July 23, 2005 at 2:57 pm

    She is sooo cute! That is one reason I cannot bring myself to get a pet. I need one that will out live me.

  • dixiedarlin July 28, 2005 at 10:07 am

    I went throught similar feelings with my baby bowser a little over a year ago. I understand completely where you are coming from. I used to pick Bowser up and put him in bed with me. So old that he snored louder than my husband. Do I regret having pet, never. They bring such joy to your life and even though they are here for a shorter period of time than us – I truly believe that if you love them and make them happy and they love and make you happy – that is their only goal in their short life. She is adorable – love her all you can and remember always how happy she made you. Came across your blog through Rosie’s.